And It Rained That Night…

That day was gloomy since morning…dark clouds were hovering and thundering…she was waiting for him…it was so silent one could heard the ticking of the clock…she kept looking outside the window…she was hardly blinking, lost in her thoughts…she wanted to get lost in the clouds roaring outside her window…the door bell rang…she didn’t get up…she heard the clicking of locks…her husband walked in…

‘Why are you sitting alone in the dark…no lights…no tv…are you alright’

‘No I am not’

She stood up and and walked towards him…gave him a piercing look…and slapped him…

‘Bitch…are you out of your mind or what’

‘Yes I am ‘

Before he could get hold of himself…she jumped on him and started beating him…she kept on slapping and punching until she was exhausted…he pushed her aside…he got so scared that he ran to the other corner of the room and asked ‘What happened to you…why are you beating the shit out of me’

He waited for her to say something…she didn’t…until the clock ticked 10…she got up and for few minutes she kept staring him as if she would burn him to ashes…then she bursted like the thundering clouds ‘What did I do wrong…why don’t you ask that question to yourself…I did everything for you and your family…I left my career, my dreams for you…I gave twenty years of my life to you…and what did you do…you cheated on me with that bitch of yours’

She made a slow and steady steps towards him as if calculating something…she pinched his face and through gritted teeth said‘what is so special about her…what is it that she can give you and I can’t…look at me Sire…is something wrong with my body…has anyone complained you about me not taking care of your house and family…NO…then why the hell did you ruined my life’

‘Enough Samaira…well now you know about Anushka and me…I suggest we go our separate ways…I will make arrangement for divorce’

‘Divorce…you think that I am going to let you go with a divorce…you men have an affair with pimps from your office and when wife catches you red handed…lets get divorce…you assholes starts your new life with your lovers and we wives…sorry ex wives are left to suffer whole life…other men will have a casual affair with us but as soon as we women say lets get married…you men will flee…why because I am a fucking divorcee…society abolish us…kids abolish us…family and friends abolish…why…because We are fucking DIVORCEE’

She turned her back to him…she said very slowly…putting stress on every wordย ‘I am going to end all this shit…you want me to suffer as a divorcee…but I will never going to let that day come Mr Sabir Aloowaliya…I am never going to let that day come’


She picked up the knife from the table and turned…her eyes were blood red with rage…and before he could utter a single word…she stabbed the knife across his heart…he fell to the ground…

She left him dying on the floor…she sat on her french window…which she decorated with silk and brocade cushions twelve years ago…when they bought this house…sky was getting more darker then usual…clouds were thundering like her mind and soul…she closed her eyes and started swallowing the pain…and it rained that night…

Love โค AARYA

PS…This post is part of this week’s WOW PROMPT


11 thoughts on “And It Rained That Night…”

  1. Wow Aarya. This is really good. And heart-wrenching. Have you seen the movie or read the book, Anna Karenina. She had a heck of a time as a divorcee.
    Unfortunately we live in a fallen world, my friend. Pain, suffering and injustice are all around us.

    1. I was actually scared before publishing it…it’s so edgy I never wrote anything like this before…but your comment made my day ๐Ÿ˜€
      I haven’t read Anna Karenina…but now I will surely read it…I was looking for a good book and you just shared a good book…thank you for that…Yeah my few friends got divorced in short span of their marriages…and life of divorced women is very painful…Thank you for reading it ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Yea, I can see why you would be a bit scared. It is definitely an edgy topic. I noticed your question to her about whether it was an arranged marriage or a love marriage. I just figure that if you once ‘loved’ a man, and then didn’t any more. And then you loved another man – who’s to say that you won’t stop ‘loving’ him too.
        Anna Karenina is a heavy book/movie. She gets divorced and is literally the black sheep in society because of it. Sad ending too. I’m not totally against divorce. Like if there’s infidelity or abuse. Those would be legitimate reasons. But for most other reasons, I believe in staying together.
        Thank you so much the this reply. I’m so pleased that you liked my comment.
        Hugs ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I also don’t like divorce…but its sad divorce cases are increasing day by day in India…people don’t have patience any more…they quit too soon…quitting is never a solution…and no one is perfect somewhere down the line we have to adjust…and if you can’t thn you can never stay happy with anyone…this is what I feel ๐Ÿ™‚

      3. I totally agree with you. “If you cant be happy with one person, how can you be with anyone?” I’ve often thought of that before too. Who can guarantee that some other person would make me happy for the rest of my life. And marriage also isn’t meant to make you happy. That’s the big dilemma of the 21st century and the impact that humanism is making globally. Humanism says, “whatever makes you happy is what you should strive for.” Very selfish actually. People don’t seem to have high moral standards anymore, and the result is what we’re seeing. A rise in divorce, murder, drug abuse, broken homes with children growing up with enormous psychological problems. It’s no wonder that depression is the disease of the century. People aren’t achieving their pattern of perfection so they get depressed. Hmmmmm.
        Great conversation Aarya. Thanks a ton for entering into it with me.

      4. You are so right Staci…everyone is running after perfection…and this affecting our social structure so badly…

        I always enjoy talking to you…Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts Staci…Love ya ๐Ÿ™‚

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