I am VEDA and I am the other side of you… I am bit serious and nervous kind…I get affected at times by others, as we are programmed to, but I format myself and get back into original shape… that’s what justify about you and me that we are human….I learned to accept myself and you will love it too… I love to read from body science to space science, politics to economics, religions to socialism, Bollywood gossip to Political conspiracies… all of us have the function of moodiness so do I… I love to travel, exercise, meditate…. and sometimes I love to sit alone…I always believed in limits, not the orthodox one but the logical one… … I believe in logics and keep on looking for it in everything, everywhere, everybody…

Aarya and Veda are two different elements like Hydrogen and Oxygen…but when we are together…we start flowing like water…the wealthiest things we have are relations and we are good at it…we have opinions about everything but we are not judgmental… We got a pretty small life…but we believe in living it to the fullest…we have broken each and every rule set by Indian Society…and we are proud of it…we believe in living life on our terms…We are Free Birds…

Live Life on Your Terms…Be a Free Bird…


Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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live life on your terms…

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