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ADVERTISING WORLD: Boon Or Bane????????


We all are participants in advertising industry. Either in active or passive manner. Paid or unpaid. It existed way before the management jargon quoted it with double commas.

In today’s world, advertising industry not only used to sell products. Instead adverts have become the new definition of communication in large. Either its about an event, products, services,  awareness, building votes, lifestyle, opportunities, travel and tourism……

Hold for a moment and think, you will see that most of the influence and information on what we consume or spend is highly modulated  and navigated by them.

Organic or vegan or high intensity interval training, protein rich or cabs free……….. cotton or faux silk……foam or tempur-pedic, from eating to sleeping…. we all sweep away by this celebrity endorsement theory…….

This industry has left no space for us to think, TV commercial, radio advertising, telemarketing, flyers, billboards, direct mail, emails, internet pop-ups, newspaper ads, magazine ads, text messages, covert advertising in movies, sponsorship………….

I see the good and bad, both in it. It challenges and satiate the creativity . It gets answered, appreciated, accepted and rejected in time…..It bonds well, dissipates well all information in large in no minutes……. It is the one who keeps all informed…….

The bad phase is that – all they say is not the true in real….its all glossy….it blinds us…. build a false hope………. empties the pocket………and intrudes in personal space….

like always……..its about the choices we make………

Happy Jingles…….Happy Advertising





Hello everyone! It has been so long since I wrote anything. Its been more than a year. I am on an incredible journey ,  the best one, I could ever have. I am talking about the journey of motherhood.


Motherhood was just a “Noun” to me until I started living it. This is by far the most challenging, thrilling, unpredictable, exhausting, enriching , enthralling, on job experience, for me.


It challenges my patience , my physical, emotional and psychological strength every single day. It fills and thrills me with the joyous candid moments. No one could ever challenge the spontaneity of these little ones. if you think you know them , this is the biggest mistake you are making then.


At times they could be the best boss you could ever dreamed of, or could be the worst one you can ever think of. They are very demanding, they want you to be perfect in introspection, prediction, disaster management, quirkiness, and your god damn presence. However they could shower you with the most expansive, most lucrative luxury that you can never attend until you own them.


Despite all those odds she throws on me, hers one smile, hers one sight, hers one hug, hers one babble , charge me up , cheers me up , pay  zillions to make my day……………


Loving motherhood………….. Hope you do tooooooooo



One that never ends

One that never change

One that keeps the life OCCUPIED

One that keeps the soul BENT

One that keeps the mind MYSTIFIED

One that never failed to grip tight

One that never ever leaped to knock the door

One that always hold you from Head to Toe

One which keeps the giggle low

Is the Only one









Constitution of Life


Though Brings

Boring Blabbers all the Night 


In Passion

With Patience

Combine with Performance

Fights all the prickly thorns

Breaks the tough Rocks

To  jazz in the Worldly Fair all life