A New Gal In Town…

Well today I am going to talk about one new blogger in town...VERONICA…she is from India too…something very strange happened in her life…she is married but circumstance forced her to fall in love with someone else…so she decided to share her love story with the world…how she fell in love with a man who is miles and miles away from her…her life story is way too interesting…here is few excerpts from her blog DAIRY OF VERONICA...

Veronica is like any other normal 26 years old MARRIED girl. Life was boring and monotonous until she walks in to Ashton Garcia. Ashton is like a normal man, nothing different from Veronica’s husband Adrian but they have a CONNECTION – “When you know, you know”. The closer she gets, more she realizes she cannot be with him. Damage is done and it is beyond any repairs.

This are random pages of Veronica’s diary. They are not in sequence and not necessary in order but these are her true feelings which she had penned down.

How can someone I never knew be such a huge part of my life?

Love is never planned and if it, it cannot be love. This is what happened when I first started talking to Ashton. No! It was not the love at first tweet, but the attraction our conversations and Google searching generated caught me off guard. I never thought it would go that long. Considering it as a crush was my mistake coz’ I fell in love. To be honest I fell in love withRead 265 words more

5 thoughts on “A New Gal In Town…”

  1. Hmmmmm, I have a bit of a problem with this idea. I believe that ‘falling in love’ can happen with any number of people. Unfortunately now-a-day people consider ‘falling in love’ to be ‘love’. Not so. Falling in love is something that can come and go. So then, you get married, when there’s no more ooey gooey feelings (which inevitably happens in all relationships), are you going to get divorced? By no means. Love is a choice. I’ve been married to my hubby for 11 years now. When I made my decision to marry him, I did so totally out of conscious and logical choice. We have the same life vision, same faith, he’s a strong teacher and leader, with a temperament that’s stronger than mine. But the feelings were up and down. You can’t trust in feelings. There are times where we could have killed each other, but we choose to love. We have a commitment to each other. When we lived in Argentina, I was attending a Gym and I started to have feelings for the jazzercize teacher. I believe that he was feeling for me too. I never, however gave into those feelings. I made a commitment to my husband. I choose to love him. If I cheated on him, he would be heartbroken and our marriage would have been ripped in two, with amazing emotional heartbreak on both sides. I also started really feeling like I had an amazing connection with a blogger friend. Can you imagine what would happen within my family if I decided to pursue him and leave my husband. Oh my gosh. I would totally wreck my family. My husband would be heart-broken, my kids would be heart-broken. They would have psychological problems, and who knows how their upbringing would be because of my. I don’t know, I just think it’s selfish to give yourself over to your feelings which are so come and go-ish and not consider what you’re doing to the one you’ve made yourself one with.

    I did a post on Valentine’s day about love. It talks about the different types of love that exist in the Greek language. Love in English is so vague. We can say I love you to our spouse, and at the same time say, I love chocolate ice cream. Anyhow, if you’re interested at all in reading the post, you can do so here:
    Thanks for sharing this Aarya.

    1. I so agree with you…in fact I wrote a post inspired by her blog https://thafreebird.wordpress.com/2014/07/31/wife-why-do-they-cheat-their-better-half/

      I can understand what you are saying…every relation goes through a phase of monotony…and if someone walks into our life at that moment we usually enjoy little flirting and teasing…but we need to understand whether to give in or walk out of it…and sometimes things really don’t turn out the way we have imagined…I have one friend who got married within two months of their love and dating…I really doubt she will be able to cope up with him…because they hardly know each other…and in initial stage of any relationship couple are always on cloud 9…the reality starts kicking after 2 to 3 years of marriage…

      I also believe that we need to have a control over our feelings…and moreover a couple needs to keep working on the spark in their marriage…because usually we fall for others when things become routine and boring…marriage is really one of the most difficult and challenging job…I am working on my relationship since 11 years…I guess women has to put in more in comparison to men…because if something goes wrong in the marriage…it’s always a wife who suffers the most…

      Thanks for sharing your amazing thoughts Staci…I really can’t believe that even people from other countries share the same feelings about love and marriage…just the way we Indians do 🙂

      1. Ohhhh, I am so glad that you agree. I will definitely head over to check out the post.
        Yes, marriage is a commitment. Love is a commitment. It’s not to be taken lightly. That’s so great that you are committed to your hubby and to investing in relationship. He’s very blessed.
        As a Christian, I take the values of my faith seriously. Unfortunately, a lot of the western world, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or not, many are falling in the way of post-modern, humanistic thought and practice. Seeking happiness and good experiences seems to be the ‘religion’ now-a-day. Unfortunately. No wonder there’s so much depress eh.
        Thanks again Aarya. Really appreciate our conversations girl.

  2. I’d love to read it and guess will do do with a mind. One appeal to people: Before reading, please avoid judging her and de-clutter ur mind of those so-called moral natak. Will sleep for a while and read it. But, its courageous on her part to write bout her personal experiences..

    1. You are right Vishal…we have this bad habit of judging people and jumping to conclusion…in fact she was the reason I wrote post Why Women Cheat their better half…

      Lets see how things role in her life 🙂

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