Let’s Talk About…SEX…

SEX…why people can’t talk about it???…why we still consider it a Taboo???…why is it considered sinful and impure by some fools???…WHY…WHY…WHY…WHY…WHY???

I was hanging out with my family friends last weekend…we all were talking and laughing, suddenly we started talking about SEX and I noticed that few of them started looking here and there as if they had never heard about the word SEX before…I felt like shouting on all those bitches…that when you can spread your legs night after night in front of your husband…when you can become whore for him in the bedroom than why can’t you fucking talk about it???…

Don’t give me that excuse that it’s impure and all…because if it was really so impure and sinful…people would have abolished it from society long ago…Vatsyayana wouldn’t have written 36 chapters book on human sexual behavior…

MillsBoon-125x125SEX is part of human cycle since we took birth in this world…so why can’t we discuss about it…we love to read Mills & Boons…we love to enjoy Playboy & Juggs…media_138357245885310000we love to watch porn on internet…we love to masturbate…we love to have sex…but I am so sorry we can’t talk about it publicly…what will the people say? What will the world say?…FUCK the people FUCK the world…why don’t we sit together and discuss about SEX over a cup of coffee or a beer…choose what you wanna have…coffee or beer…and I am all ears…

20140106040834727I am not saying that SEX is life…but just like money it is important part of life…every one of us having trouble in the bedroom…someone’s partner cheating on them…someone’s is not able to meet the expectation of their husbands…majority of the men are not delivering Orgasm to their wives…kids are having sex and getting pregnant at the age of 12…still we don’t want to talk about it…we will put a duct tape around our mouth so that no one can force me talk about it…Y6wBxLHcPLx

You know what makes it more worse…we giggle like kids whenever we heard or read word SEX…majority of us can’t even say ‘My Sex life is on toss’ instead we say ‘You know, we are having problem in bedroom’…REALLY…WHAT…some wiring problem or some plumbing problem or paint is peeling off the roof…

If you are having trouble in bedroom…talk about it…your avoidance might create a big problem than you are having at present…I have a friend…she doesn’t like sex…she is 25 and she consider sex as impure and sinful but she is not understanding that her this attitude will be fatal for her relationship in long run…because sex is important part of married life and most of the time when your spouse cheats on you and get to know that SEX is the reason behind it…now fault can be from any end…

When I was 16…I was super excited about sex…but I didn’t know the theory leave the practical aside…In India parents will patch2imagechoose death instead of discussing SEX with kids…
When I joined college, I met this cute guy…few dates & phone sex later we wanted to try it…you know what…but we were totally lame and unaware about it how it works…well ten years ago we don’t have easy internet access to watch porn and understand the whole concept…so we laid naked but god knows what to do and how to do…but by the end of the day we figured out how do it 😀

Now the problem was that I was not having orgasm…I used to get it through masturbation but it was difficult to achieve with his penis inside…few weeks later we nailed that too…so SEX life was rocking …OOPS…are we supposed to use something to avoid Pregnancy…We forgot, now what…SHIT, my dad will kill me…Don’t worry, we will fix it…lets visit a doc and get rid of it…few hours of pain later…I was back to normal and sex life started with a boom boom but this time with CONDOM 🙂pozy_dlya_sna_vdvoem

Few years later sex become monotonous…there was no spice and no sugar :(…Again I figured out that we need to experiment and we need to spice up few things…

Now these are some common problems faced by majority of us…I have faced some of them too …why because there was no one with whom I can talk…there was no one who can give me some advice and sexual tips…I figured it out myself and on that road I suffered a lot not only mentally but physically too…

I am sure I am not alone…there are many others…who have faced this problem and some are still facing…do you realize that if we will talk about SEX openly things will become lot more easier and smoother for us…our parents didn’t taught us anything than why don’t we try to overcome this TABOO…why don’t we take an oath that when it comes to SEX, I will discuss about it keeping my mind as open as possible and also without judging anyone…

If someone is talking about SEX it doesn’t mean that person has a loose character or he/she is a pimp…NOW…after reading so muchtaboo-2 also if you don’t have guts it’s alright…but don’t judge…we might also judge you as untraditional or as an orthodox or cherry on the top as hypocrite…

I know majority of the people are going to read this and leave it…they will not like it also even if they like it because they will be scared what will the world say…what will my fellow bloggers think…you know what…I don’t give a shit…because I have seen many people around me who don’t have guts to talk on SEX…leave talking they can’t even take a Non Veg Joke…leave the rest…

As far as I understood…everyone loves to have SEX and needs guidance too…we can avoid…early pregnancies, contraception’s, one night stand, extra marital affairs, STDs, Rape, child abuse, molestation, eve teasing and lot more…these things will never end until we  try to come out in the open and have guts to discuss about it…

OMtkMxTF324We belong to the land of Kama Sutra and Khajuraho…

We are the second highest populated country in the world…

We are also the second highest country in the world who Google about sex and porn…

still you believe that SEX is a western culture…well…FUCK OFF…and upgrade your SEX Knowledge…

Till than I will have a…….never mind 😉

Feeling Sexy…AARYA


Weekly Writing Challenge


“Time & Me”

Time doesn’t remain the same

It is destined to change

I look to time to get stable

While my mind gets unstable

I willed to own time

To toot my horn high

Mislead myself on whom to control

Time changed my age, my skin

The degrees I acquired,

The Jobs I done, the responsibilities I took

The proportionality and chemistry of relations I was given and plunged in

The places I traveled, The gadgets I acquired

The experience I learned in

Time never remains the same

Although in all journey, My mind, my thoughts were with me

However they were all navigated with time again

I thought I can confront and conquer the time

Learned lately its not the time,

Its my mind to be controlled over and over again




Me and My Family and Tomato Chutney…

Did it ever happen to you that there’s one such dish on the dining table in which your family is more interested instead of the main dish????

Well I don’t know about you guys but my family have this super addiction to South Indian Tomato Chutney…I agree that I am a good cook…if you don’t believe me you can ask VEDA, she is aware about my  awesome cooking skills 😉

But coming back to the point, as I woke up this morning I decided to make DHOKLAS, it’s a famous Gujarati Snack…I am not fond of dhoklas anymore, I used to be years ago…so I also decided to make the Famous Tomato Chutney, well it’s a kind of sauce and it taste super yummy…trust me if you are fond of tangy and spicy flavors, it’s for you…

Within an hour I was done with the breakfast…as I was setting the table, my Bro came in humping and jumping and said, “What’s in the breakfast???”

I showed him the bowl full of Dhoklas…and smiled instead he said, “Leave this, where’s the Tomato Chutney???”

I was totally zapped…I spent hour and half in preparing dhoklas and he is interested in Tomato Chutney…and not only him, everyone else is also  like that in my family…and whenever I make this chutney, no one is interested in the main course 😦 …everyone fights for the last spoon of chutney…

In fact, my husband who is not at all fond of South Indian Dishes…hogs all of it, thanks to the Tomato Chutney…well try it…its really super delicious…

And according to my brother, “This Chutney enlightens your soul” …okay stop laughing these aren’t my words…I gotta a rush before they mess my dinning table, I guess they are fighting over last spoon of LEGEN…wait for it…DARY…Tomato Chutney

I am sure now all of you must be thinking about these kinds of sidekicks for which everyone fights on the table in your family…well feel free to share it, so that we all can laugh some more, after all laughing is good for health…

See you guys on Thursday 😀

Licking Chutney Coated Fingers 😀 mmmhmmmm yummy  …Love ❤ AARYA

I swear it was not my fault the chutney was asking me to eat me...
I swear it was not my fault the chutney was asking me to eat me…

” Decisions n Moments”

In wake of a heated moment

I made the hardest

The irreversible, the irrevocable

N the Vulnerable



Why I made the paramount decisions

In the tide of impotent moments

I tossed on wave of anger

Yocto convex Yotta to me

Small appeared larger to me

Harmless looked baleful to me


My sight was blurred

N I drove the serpent road, for me

Couldn’t I parked somewhere

Rested for the note

Took a charge of me

Flashed a warning light on my mind around

Waited in the dungeon

For this tornado moment to go