Me and Aarya have deep interests in our surroundings. We get absorbed in it and then emit it through ink. we do get affected with the incidents, not infected though. I am here to talk on the seductions of weeds, alcohol and tobacco. These slow poisons abduct you with your permission. Isnt it?

I have many friends who loves to drink and smokes……… not weed though. However it doesnt change the intent of topic.

I spoke to all of them , and asked them, why do they indulge in it. The two reasons they gave me are: 1) They do it to soothe them down. 2) Not to pass the distress to loved ones.

Then I asked them that there are zillions of ways like, sports, meditations, yoga, aroma therapy and so many ………….. then, why this???

Then again they have two brilliant reasons: 1) Its a quick fix 2) Its a self propelled process.

Then I asked them a very last question, How do you defend yourself for being intoxicated. They again gave me two points: 1) By doing it they acted honest to us. 2) They know the limits and dont brawl on us.

Well guys and girls ……… I am not here to preach you all…. a thought crossed my mind and I am here to share it.

“How hard you try to defend. The truth is: A sleek bottle owns you , slaves you and you the ones who pay for it. ”

gave it a thought………

Take care





Hello everyone! It has been so long since I wrote anything. Its been more than a year. I am on an incredible journey ,  the best one, I could ever have. I am talking about the journey of motherhood.


Motherhood was just a “Noun” to me until I started living it. This is by far the most challenging, thrilling, unpredictable, exhausting, enriching , enthralling, on job experience, for me.


It challenges my patience , my physical, emotional and psychological strength every single day. It fills and thrills me with the joyous candid moments. No one could ever challenge the spontaneity of these little ones. if you think you know them , this is the biggest mistake you are making then.


At times they could be the best boss you could ever dreamed of, or could be the worst one you can ever think of. They are very demanding, they want you to be perfect in introspection, prediction, disaster management, quirkiness, and your god damn presence. However they could shower you with the most expansive, most lucrative luxury that you can never attend until you own them.


Despite all those odds she throws on me, hers one smile, hers one sight, hers one hug, hers one babble , charge me up , cheers me up , pay  zillions to make my day……………


Loving motherhood………….. Hope you do tooooooooo


CELIBATE…to be or not to be…


I met someone few months ago…now this new person is definitely from some alien planet…because few weeks later this person confided to me that ‘I am following Celibacy’ …I swear my jaw dropped to the floor just the way they show in cartoon flicks…

It took me few days to digest that the person who sits next to me is following Celibacy…I have friends who are single but they are definitely not celibate…they are enjoying all perks of life if you know what I am talking about 😉

Celibacy is the state of voluntarily being unmarried, sexually abstinent, or both, usually for religious reasons…and after doing thorough research over the subject I came to a conclusion…following Celibacy is one of the  most difficult decisions to make…I am not talking about Celibacy for a certain time period…I am talking about Being Celibate for a Lifetime…

When this newbie friend of mine told me…my first question was…Why?…my friend gave me reasons which I cannot digest till date…because she is associated with an organisation which believes in Following Celibacy very exclusively…though I am a nobody to pass any comment on her life’s decisions…maybe if she wasn’t associated with this organisation I would have welcomed her decision with an open heart…

Being celibate for a specific time is different…some people do that for self-realization and all…in fact Hinduism has four age based life stages known as Ashrama –  Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (retired) and Sannyasa (renunciation)…now the first stage… Brahmacharya (bachelor student) lasts up to 25 years of age…this was focused on education and included the practice of CelibacyHinduism also suggests chastity during the student stage of life for the purposes of learning from a guru (teacher) and during later stages of life for the purposes of attaining the ultimate aim of life that is Moksha…it is considered as the highest virtue of human life…following Celibacy till marriage and fidelity after marriage…

Now question is why do we need to follow Celibacy?

Some people say ‘sex is not a natural process,  being celibate is’ …really…then what about evolution?

For self-realization, is Celibacy necessary?…hmm…so it means all married people or people who are not restraining themselves from the materialistic (as Celibates call it) pleasures of life will never attain Moksha…

Well I will leave you with some thought…and would love to know your opinion about Celibacy…till next time…

Love ❤ AARYA

Did You Ever Get Lost.???

Did you ever get lost? Or got lost?


I got lost while playing in the park…I got lost in the delicious Mom’s Meal…I got lost while grooving on my fav tune…I got lost in my studies…I got lost in my career…I got lost in his voice when I heard him for the first time on telephone…I got lost in track of time when I was enjoying a long distance call with my bff in other part of the world…I got lost in the book I was reading…I got lost in his embrace when we made love…I got lost in the beautiful curves of Shimla…I got lost in Belgium Chocolate Cake…I got lost in my life…in you and me…but what I learned???…it’s okay to be lost at times in life…it’s okay if you can’t figure things out at the moment…being lost is route to finding yourself…being lost is a route to your dreams…being lost is a route to understand the world better…

So Did You Ever Get Lost?

Love ❤ AARYA