Wife…Why do they cheat their better half…

Why do people make so much fuss if a woman is having an extra marital affair…why can’t they just accept it…if a man does it we say it’s his nature…but if a woman does it…she is a bitch…no she is a whore…Right…

But before labelling her…have you ever tried to figure out…what made her walk out of her marriage…what made her cheat on her life partner…cheating isn’t in our nature…we believe in love and commitment…and once we make a commitment, we go to any extent to maintain it…

You man and your pathetic nature forces woman to have an extra marital affair…before marriages you take vows…that you will do this and that…but as soon as we get a tag of your wife…you start ignoring us…avoiding us…you just forget that there is one special person in your life who left her life and dreams behind only for you…and you don’t give a shit…

Well there have been cases where things go for a roller coaster ride after few years of marriage…but bottom line is why do men let it go…why you guys just forget the girl who left her family believing that you will always make sure she smiles…you will always take care of her…now I am not talking in financial terms…

Money can only bring materialistic things…of course if you have  thousands of dollars in your account and then you give her 30 or 40 thousand dollars ring…it will not make any difference…because she knows her husband is filthy rich…

We want you to love us…understand us…we look for happiness in small small things…you used to send her flowers every now and then before marriage…but now you don’t…why because she is legally yours…well get rid of that attitude…

Woman walk out of her marriage when they don’t get attention…they want and deserve…before marriage she was the most beautiful woman…after marriage when was the last time you said she is beautiful…or you have bought a gift for her or took her out for dinner…don’t remember…well then sit down…and try to think what made her cheat on you…

A man’s biggest mistake is giving opportunity to another man making his wife smile…make sure which man you wanna be…the one who makes his wife smile or who forces her lady to walk out…

That is all for today…will see you on Saturday

Love ❤ AARYA


“Freedom -II “


A long struggle to free

As I changed with ages

So does mean of Freedom to me

When I was little and young

Playing long uninterrupted was Freedom

Eating Chocolates without objection was freedom

When I was teen

Getting answered without a question was freedom

Watching TV, late night shows and gossips was freedom

When touched the youth

Choosing my love of life without an interrogation was freedom

Hoping, shopping and spending without a note was freedom

When Turned to Mid twenties

Setting home on my terms was freedom

Roaming here and there without a responsibility was  freedom

Being listened and followed without a second thought was freedom

When I touched late twenties

I am in search of freedom

I look to understand what does mean freedom


Hoping, holding folded hands tight

to see what it looks like to own freedom?????????????





Priceless Moments…2…

I landed at Rajiv Gandhi International airport yesterday…as I was walking towards the exit door…I was freezing every corner of the airport in my mind…because I know this is for the last time I am going to be on the airport of Hyderabad…I am finally relocating to another part of the country…

But coming back to my freezing the moments…I noticed that majority of the people on the airport were Muslims…as Hyderabad is one of the place where you will find highest numbers of Muslims and specially majority of them or their relatives lives in Saudi…so due to Ramzan it was occupied by them only…

Everyone was happy and desperate to get out of that Baggage Claim Line…as I came outside I observed that many Muslims were waiting for their loved ones to arrive…some had some were about to land…but one thing that touched me…was a Muslim boy hugging a woman in burqa…actually it was a tight hug…and by the look of it I think they were brother and sister and must be seeing each other after a long time…

I was so touched by them that I actually paused for few seconds to capture that moment in my mind…I realized that no matter what religion or caste you belong to…feelings are always same…when we reach our destination…we all expect our loved ones to be their waiting for our arrival…we all just don’t want to let those moments pass…we want to stop the time…

Well it’s Eid…so I want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous Eid…
Religion and Caste is created by god knows whom…we should really try to come over it…at the end of the day we all are humans…and we all are made from same tissues and cells…we all are made of five elements…earth, fire, sky, water and air…

In every religion there is love yet love has no religion…

Eid Mubarak…Love ❤ AARYA

“Freedom -I”

I am strangled everyday 

Somewhere midst the thoughts

Sometimes in webs of brain

Sometimes in glams and glitters of fancy world

Sometimes in glib talks

Sometimes wander in deserts 

In search of oasis 

And dazed in glimpse of mirage


I struggle every single day

I tumbled down by others win & my lose

I stumbled by the competitive crowd

I am thrown in Colosseum in front of Tangy crowd

I fight every single moment and day to get freed


Yes I fight 

Yes I conquest

Yes I conquer

Yes I confront 

A very common thought every time and all time



To free myself of all thoughts

I win to free of myself of being looser

I work to gain to free of desire owning the stuff I wanted so long

I pray to free myself of the mishaps I can confront the next


I worked, work, will work

Regularly, Continuously, Undisturbed

to free myself of ALL desires

To Free Myself From All….