Love: “Pleasure Or Pain”



Pleasure or Pain

Not lust apparent

As not trapped in glamour and fame

Starts through hurt

Travels to heart

Culminates to intense pain

Is it a win, by losing game

Stings of desperation

Acts as astounding addictions

Cant’ you leave

Cant’ you live

Invisible Garrote tights the neck

Chokes the heart

Blocks the Brain

Veins seems to explode

Eyes run non stop

Still want to play again and again

Despite these pains

Everyone wants to fall for it

Till the last drop of blood in the Veins

Is it the most sought pleasure giving pain???



Is it Love Or Infatuation?

It was a tough day. Not because of summer but because of people I care most and adore most. It’s quite difficult for me to digest why the people who you love most troubles you most. May be that emotional connection bashed you the worst. I felt worn and tattered with these emotional high tides. My rationality went to docks once they are on.

One of my so called young brothers is making me Agony Aunt. Terrible part he doesn’t need my advice. Just he needs that I listen to all his long list of Erich Segal’s Love Story. I felt impeccable earnest to tell him that I am the professor of the subject you are trying to spell. So don’t explain me. Come to point and tell me what exactly you up to.

Well he didn’t like the direct approach. He expected a mature sister from me, one who will listen to all his stories. Its apparent that I am here for you. However my dear Bro, try to learn the pros and cons of the sea you are diving into. Diving into sea, exploring not oblivion perhaps seems to you adventurous. But that courageous act of your makes you numb once you are out of oxygen. However experienced you are in swimming, although won’t sustain once in sea.

I am not here to discourage one who is in love. I am just here to get few answers. Do you really mean that relationship as much as you are pretending? Are you clear and do understand about the differences between love and infatuation. Relationships are bliss, so we should cherish them. Though some of the times, we get confused in understanding the type of relationship we share. Everything appears the same. This ignorance doesn’t beat an individual only but the one too whom you are in relationship with, your families and your loved ones too. The bottom line is never rush, take a deep breath before declaring a relationship to yourself. Examine the authenticity and degree of intensity of your feelings to know how true they are.

I did them all before jumping into mine, just to ensure that I didn’t hurt those who loved me most in journey of getting the one whom I loved most.


Celebrate “THANK YOU”

Exercising the path to express my emotions has been an awesome journey for me. This journey was instigated by Aarya for me. We knew each other for almost quarter of century. We do understand each other. However she understands some of the things, which I have never thought that I could ever have them.  She suggested me to write. She asked me to experiment with the writing to know which way I can enjoy most. I tried to write poetry, articles, conversations, and short stories.

Some were okay, some were disaster. Still she stood by and asked me to write more and more and more. The process began and I started unfolding my opinions and thoughts through inking the blog. Without her I would have never understood that I could express myself in writings. I can liberate myself on this platform as dancer liberates with each palpitating beats. The singer liberates with pick of each pitch. The photographer liberates by capturing the hidden insights of a moment through his lenses.  

Aarya has been a path finder of my other side. She introduced me to my hidden side which was under shadow for so many years. I am not sure how long and how far this journey will go. Although I am sure that I am thankful to her for showing me my other part. I guess there is no other way of showing my gratitude to her other than expressing it on the blog. While penning down each single word, I get more relaxed and enervated. Its unexplainable feel, can’t be mold in words. It just could be experienced. Whenever you say thanks to one through heart as you really mean it. You can hear each throb of your beating heart. You feel the goose bumps. You feel as windy air turns into breeze. The hot sun turns into bright sunny day. So does this makes you feel.

Saying thanks direct through your heart without maligning it with your mind’s calculation. Simply coming forward, standing tall on your feet and saying “THANK YOU” to those who brought you any good is one of the must to do deed.  

As Now I say “THANK YOU AARYA”……..