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When I started this blog I didn’t know what shall I write in ABOUT ME section of the blog…but after two months of blogging later I guess Veda and I know what to write in the ABOUT ME section…

Before starting the blog I had thought a lot…and how I started it, well for that you need to read my very first post…ME & MY DREAMS

I wrote it months ago from actual date of its publishing…I took so long because I was thinking hard that what will I write about…my better half asked me to write about love and life…my BFF asked me to write about girls and relationship…they asked me to share my experience and write about stuff that I have learned so far in life…still I was not sure about starting a blog so they were like you know there are many girls in this world like you, who have broken all rules set by Society or struggling with the taboos of typical Society…they are facing same problems and there is no one to guide them or show them the way and if you will share your thoughts and experience with them…they might be able to help themselves…

I decided that I will just write about things I feel like sharing with the world and if my writing helps someone…well what else can a writer ask for…I was a newbie in the blogging world, trying hard to understand the various do’s and don’ts of blogging world…just like that one day I asked my best friend VEDA to write something, because she is very focused and logical in her life…initially she wasn’t ready but after two days of argument later she decided to give in and wrote her very first article…JOURNEY TO CONTRIBUTON…it’s a must read for everyone…here are few words from my darling VEDA…

“How did I began this journey of writing is answered in the “Celebrate Thank you”. I never knew that I can write. Aarya unleashed this world for me. There are so many emotions and questions which were unanswered for me so long. Writing gave me the space to structure them. I can emancipate my thought, my queries. Now this whole idea has become the invincible routine for me.

I often troubled by the thought and have experienced though that many souls fight, cry and suffer with in. They are so much lost in pain that they find it difficult to figure that those are emotions which make them troubled. We just need to take control of them. The fault and duality doesn’t lie anywhere. We just need to empower ourselves from inside. Why shall I give power to others to ruin me? I am the person who owns my body, mind and thoughts. With all this I thought of writing on human emotions, tried to give a helping hand to strengthen the inner soul. So that can conquer the outer all. Writing with a hope that I can help me, you and all…”

Thank you honey, it’s great to have another sexy alien like you in my kitty ❤

So that is how two crazy and awesome friends AARYA and VEDA decided to share their experience and thoughts with the world…its being only short span of time over two months and there is a long road ahead of us…but we are keeping our fingers crossed and looking forward for hot and happening future…

If you want to know that how did I end up as a writer…read PEN…PAPER & THOUGHTS

Want to know more about Vivacious AARYA and Witty VEDA…just click on our names

If you would like to know why did I named my blog FREE BIRD…check out this page…I am working on it wait for few days 🙂

With Love to my awesome Readers and Viewers…

AARYA along with her VEDA












48 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Amazing introduction Aarya !
    Love your name 🙂
    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving an amazing post for me to read in mail.
    Hope to see you often.
    Love, Zee ❤

    1. Thank you so much Zee ❤ …I am glad that you liked it…and I am very honored also that you posted it on your blog…thank you so much for that…and I have been through your blog and I really loved it a lot…I love the way you write and I love the flow which you have in your writing…looking forward to see more of you 😀

  2. First off you do have a word with words, you write very beautiful, it flows, I like the sun earth posts. Second I love your about page, I like you brake the rules, I like that you party and that you yell and that you can be calm and that you can talk about all types of topics. That, the party thing, in India, as I´m informed seems it´s not very common. Or to me it seems, talking with a blogger friend from there, that she is very very constricted. She just knew her husband for 10 days before they got married! How do you love a person in 10 days, plus the it seems the society is quite misogonist when it gets to women. Maybe I´m wrong, you correct me, but this girl doesn´t seem too happy. Anyways, great blog. You have earned yourself a new stalker 🙂

    1. Rofl…I guess I can handle another stalker in my life…gosh you have asked so many questions…well India is changing a lot, we youngster love to party hard…and we are breaking rules also…but only few have balls to accept it publicly…I have friends who are in live-in and few are gays too…no doubt Indians are misogonist…well just stick with my blog…I am about to roll few articles on Indians and their concept about marriages… 🙂

      1. Good, that way I can speak with a little more knowledge to fellow blogger.

        Did I ask too many questions? Why? You know why?…..o.k I´ll stop.

        Read ya later.

      2. No its difficult to answer each of your question in few lines…but yes we naughty Indian youngster are loving to break all the rules set by our society and parents…

        Sure thing 🙂

      3. Yes, it is…our parents aren’t so broad minded yet…like my mom is cool with love marriage but she is totally against live-ins…
        We are taking baby steps 🙂

      4. That´s how progress is made, little by little.
        Normally if you take huge steps to change things whatever it maybe, be it political, cultural, e.t.c. things tend to go array.

    1. Hey thank you so much Harsh…I am so pleased…but someone nominated us few weeks ago for the same award…I am sorry…I hope you can understand 🙂

      1. Hey, its totally fine. However, I’d like to inform you that you can accept this award again. Then again, it’s your wish totally 🙂

      2. Really…I am not aware about it..anyways thanks for letting me know and again thank you so much for nominating 😀

    1. Okay now I have no words honestly to say to you…even a Thank you looks small…still I am so honored and pleased by your this gesture Ron 🙂

  3. Hey guys, I nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogging Award!
    I hope you don’t mind. :3 If you’re not so into these stuff, you could just ignore it. I just would really like to show some appreciation for your awesome work.
    Much love. Dyanne x

    1. Thank you…I really appreciate that you actually thought about our blog being inspiring…it will take some time for me to respond as I am out station…hope you dont mind 🙂

      1. Thank you!!! My blog is my personal diary and i just turned to this medium to vent out my frustration and talk to world. I like your name too!! Indian? i am in India too 🙂 A christian Indian 🙂

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