Handle With Care

Raghav closed the door and asked “Is everything alright?”

“Hmm…I want to say something before you leave”

“oh kay, I am all ears”

“Raghav, I said yes for your & Apoorva’s marriage because I can’t say no to her for anything…well she is a good girl but”


He chuckled “Yes stubborn but a good baby and always was Raghav…always was” somebody knocked and shouted on top of the voice “dad hurry up, Bidai ki taiyari ho gayi hai and have you seen Raghav?”

“Yeah he is with me…give us two minutes will you” he locked the door and started caressing picture of a baby hanging near the door and said slowly “when I saw her for the first time she was in deep sleep…I picked her from the crib scared my touch will wake her and then to my surprise she opened her big brown eyes…that moment still lingers in my heart” he closed his eyes as if reliving the moment and continued “she slept in my arms, I was enjoying her soft heart beats, her tiny hands, her tiny feet…I noticed a small tag hanging on her right feet on which ‘FRAGILE Handle With Care’ was scribbled in bold letters” he opened the first chest of drawer lying near the door and took out a box and gave it to Raghav.

“I kept it safe for last 26 years I guess it’s time to pass this on to its new bearer”

Raghav opened the box, a hospital tag was resting on the cushion…he got up and touched his father in law’s feet…and first time in past fifteen months he hugged him.

They opened the door before second knock and Apoorva was standing there…looking beautiful and radiant and ready for a new beginning she gave a hard look to both of them and asked “What are you two doing? Everyone’s waiting for you and what’s in your hand?”

Raghav smiled and replied with surety “It’s a promise”


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I tried till my last breath

She was sitting on the edge of the terrace…thinking…if I jump everything will get over in a fraction of a second…I would be away from this vicious circle called life…what will happen to my family…would they be ashamed or angry…would they understand my state of mind…would life become easier for them…or I will make it hard or shall I walk away and fight…I don’t know…I guess I will go back and fight…I know I might never come out of this hell but at least I will die peacefully thinking I tried…I tried till my last breath…

Love ❤ AARYA