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Scars On My Soul…

Breaking News…Punjab High Court has given the death penalty to a juvenile including two adults in a Brutal Gang Rape Case…and today Supreme Court overruled the appeal of accused…Death Penalty for the Juvenile too…All three would be hanged…I switched off the TV as I was no more interested in drama and senseless vulgar graphics created by media houses…it was a chaos throughout India…I was standing near the window when I heard a soft clicking sound and the door was opened… Dr. Kamra walked in with a bouquet of white lilies…she smiled and gave me a warm hug and put lilies in the vase on the corner stool…she asked, “How are you Ami?”

I shrugged and said “As usual”

She asked once again “Aren’t you happy about the outcome? Did you watch the news? Supreme Court has overruled the appeal of accused”

“Before you walked in I was watching the circus”

She looked quizzical so I continued “look what these media houses have done, they mocked my pain”

We were silent for quite a long time…past six months journey brought us close…our relation couldn’t be defined as a doctor-patient…the bond we shared was different and no word in the dictionary can define it… I have seen tears in her eyes when I was struggling for life…I have seen her sitting in my room for hours at a stretch…I have seen her fighting for me with rest of the hospital staff and government…she made sure no media lunatic should be allowed in the corridors of the hospital…information regarding Punjab Gang Rape Victim which is me was strictly confidentially…

Dr. Kamra stood beside me and said “Ami I know what you are going through, these media people do mock lives of normal people at times, by asking the ridiculous questions and making those horrifying graphic videos but in your case I feel media played a strong role. For the first time in Indian History, a juvenile would be hanged for his heinous crime along with two adults. No rape accused has ever been hanged within six months of the crime. It’s a great deal, I know many rape victims who are waiting since 20 years for the outcome…Aren’t you happy?”

“I don’t know” I took a long pause “he gave me so many scars which will take another year to heal”

She squeezed my hand and said “I know dear, but you did great child. In 30 years of my life as a doctor, I have never seen a rape patient heal so fast. Your will power to fight is commendable Ami and rest of the scars will heal within a year or two” she said

I looked at the reflection of a 24-year-old girl in the window…I couldn’t believe what I was and what I became in few months…I looked at Dr. Kamra’s reflection and asked softly “But what about the scars he left on my soul?”

Love ❤ AARYA  


My Wishlist For Santa

Hi Santa,

I don’t know whether you really exist or not…but I have to write this letter otherwise Miss Cole will put a zero in my report card anyway I am not doing great academically…

To be frank I have stopped believing in fairy tales and miracles long time ago…but Miss Cole asked us to write a letter on My Wishlist for Santa…so I am left with no option…I will not take much of your time and get straight to the point…

If you can or you really are capable of fulfilling anyone’s wishlist…then I want my parents back whom I lost in 9/11 attack in USA when I was only two months old…I don’t want to be an orphan…I don’t want to live with any of my relative they all are behind my money…I don’t want to go to school because my parents are never there to pick me up…I don’t want to participate in any function or school activity because there’s no one sitting in the audience looking for me…I don’t want to do anything in life because I have no one with whom I can share my happiness or achievements…I want to sit and wait for death to come and take me…can you understand my pain? Can you see how pathetic my life is?

Nobody wants me, I am a burden for my family, for my teachers infact for this world too…I have no friends…why?…well they are always talking about what they did with their parents? What they got on their birthday?…I feel so alone that I just sit in the corner where no one can find me…If you are really real then please I want my parents back…I swear I will never ask you for anything else…if you are real then fulfil My Wishlist too…

I guess this will do…Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year…

From a Lonely Boy

Love ❤ AARYA

PS…This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda…and this a pure fiction work…

And I said ‘Yes’

I turned at the sound of every foot step…with the hope of seeing him in the hallway…its being a week since we talked…the nurse at the reception called my name…I got up and changed in the hospital gown…I walked towards the operation theater…doctor closed the door and waved me to lie on the table…she inserted a syringe in my pale white skin and asked softly ‘Are you positive about this abortion Miss Ria?’ …I felt her warm hands against my cold skin…I closed my eyes…let the pain swallow me and I said ‘Yes’

Love ❤ AARYA

Handle With Care

Raghav closed the door and asked “Is everything alright?”

“Hmm…I want to say something before you leave”

“oh kay, I am all ears”

“Raghav, I said yes for your & Apoorva’s marriage because I can’t say no to her for anything…well she is a good girl but”


He chuckled “Yes stubborn but a good baby and always was Raghav…always was” somebody knocked and shouted on top of the voice “dad hurry up, Bidai ki taiyari ho gayi hai and have you seen Raghav?”

“Yeah he is with me…give us two minutes will you” he locked the door and started caressing picture of a baby hanging near the door and said slowly “when I saw her for the first time she was in deep sleep…I picked her from the crib scared my touch will wake her and then to my surprise she opened her big brown eyes…that moment still lingers in my heart” he closed his eyes as if reliving the moment and continued “she slept in my arms, I was enjoying her soft heart beats, her tiny hands, her tiny feet…I noticed a small tag hanging on her right feet on which ‘FRAGILE Handle With Care’ was scribbled in bold letters” he opened the first chest of drawer lying near the door and took out a box and gave it to Raghav.

“I kept it safe for last 26 years I guess it’s time to pass this on to its new bearer”

Raghav opened the box, a hospital tag was resting on the cushion…he got up and touched his father in law’s feet…and first time in past fifteen months he hugged him.

They opened the door before second knock and Apoorva was standing there…looking beautiful and radiant and ready for a new beginning she gave a hard look to both of them and asked “What are you two doing? Everyone’s waiting for you and what’s in your hand?”

Raghav smiled and replied with surety “It’s a promise”


PS…this post is part of this week’s WOW Prompt