Last evening I went to a nearby medical store for buying some supplies for home…there was a Durex counter and I was checking out the new flavors…at that moment two men walked in and the fat one nudged the skinny one ‘look she is buying a condom’…if they would have harassed me, I would have hanged them then and there…but for some reason they maintained the distance and kept giggling like school girls…but that incident left me with a thought…

Why can’t a girl buy condom? We are living in Google Age…and we still believe in clichés that girls can’t buy condoms…

While driving we should put on a helmet…in case of accidents severe head injuries can be avoided…so condoms are like helmets, we buy them to avoid unwanted pregnancy…we don’t want to go through the drama of gynea’s judgemental looks and the pain of killing a life and cursing a guy for leaving on the middle of the road…so we prefer buying condoms like other necessities of life such as bra, sanitary napkins, panty liners, etc.

We are educated and independent women…living life to the fullest…we are working hard and partying hard…we go on dates and have fun…grow up men and stop labelling us as whore or slut just because we buy condoms…

Buying condom is a sign of strong and independent woman…I am the one…Are you?

Love ❤ AARYA


Best Conversation

Have you ever opened your heart in front of an unknown person?

Do you feel best conversations you ever had were with a complete stranger?

If yes, then you know what I am trying to say…some of the superb conversations of my life were with total strangers…we never met…we don’t know each other’s name…still we can’t stop talking…one thread leads to other and when our journey came to an end nobody knows…we didn’t exchange number…but we cherish that conversation for rest of our life…we cherish the openness, the bluntness…and non-judgmental attitude of the person sitting next to us makes it super exciting 😉

And you never know sometimes…a stranger can inspire you…can change the course of your life…what’s your take on it…have you met a stranger who inspired you…or with whom you have the best time of your life…I am all ears 🙂

Love ❤ AARYA