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Friends Forever…

Dear Veda

Hope this letter finds you in the pink of health…do you remember we used to write this tacky line in every letter in English Language Exam 😀 …but I really hope this letter finds you in great health…I don’t know where to start from…last year your life went upside down…when a beautiful angel walked in your world…I still remember the day when you told me you are pregnant…I cannot tell you darling how happy I am for you…however, I am still angry that you told me so late…how could you do this to me…I don’t want kids doesn’t mean I would be angry with you if you want to have one…

Your life is changing…hours and hours of chatting and video calling has been taken over by Mahi…you remember the last time when we were on Skype…this naughty girl of yours was throwing all kinda tantrums to get attention…you know a lot has happened in the past year…and today I am quite firm about my decision of not having kids…yeah yeah you can give me a long lecture on benefits of having babies later…I just want you to know I miss you at times…when I want to have some sensible discussion I miss us…when I see two girls in trail room I miss us…when I see two girls laughing out loud in a movie theatre I miss us…when I see two girls in a secluded corner of the coffee house, lost in deep conversation I miss us…I miss those carefree days…when we were just us…I wish we can go back in time and relive those times…

Time flies…and that too very fast…things would be different…you are a mother…and she needs 247 365 days surveillance…so you don’t get enough time for me…you would be more occupied in the coming years…however few years later when Mahi would be old enough…when she would be learning and growing with her gang of girls…feel free to call me…till then live and cherish each moment of your life…motherhood is the most precious gift of god…and I want you to live it to the fullest…just keep me updated with her lol videos and pics 🙂

And don’t you worry about me…I am doing great…I know what I want and I am very clear about it… you know when I see these young kids at school…I feel nostalgic…sometimes I smile randomly thinking about the fun we had…time passes…life changes…priority changes…but memories will last…

I don’t have to tell you how much I love you…chalo…I got to go my tooth is aching…and stomach is grumbling…catch you later…and do I have to wish you Friendship Day 😛

Love ❤ AARYA

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The Best Disguise Award

‘These politicians can fetch The Best Disguise Award, I tell you’ Alankrita said while throwing remote on the couch

I laughed, I met her 12 years ago and she hasn’t changed a bit…she is a reporter by profession and becomes very aggressive when it comes politics but a gem at heart…I smiled and said ‘I can’t agree with you’

‘You believe that they are saint’

‘No they are assholes…but they don’t deserve the Best Disguise Award’ I passed freshly baked cinnamon bread to her…she took a full bite ‘Whl you wean?’

‘I think Best Disguise Award should be given to women’

‘Please enlighten me’

I smiled…I love her it’s so easy to talk to her…she never judge you…and always ready for a new opinion…  ‘Kriti look at the women…when we are in college we try to pretend our family is cool…when our parents force us to choose a specific career, we might be bleeding from inside but will say out loud, I am fulfilling my dreams…when it comes to choosing a life partner…do we have option…never…we didn’t say no, because we know it’s of no use’

‘That’s not true…parents have changed’

‘Really how many…we are few bunch of people who are lucky…I am talking from a general point of view Kriti…how many parents asks their daughters…like a good girl we jump in the dark pit…no matter how much have been through because of our husband, children and in laws…we always have fake smile “I have a perfect family”…I have two loving kids and a true gentleman who is great husband and loving father…but reality is way to different…our husband might be beating the shit out of us night after night but in kitty parties we would be like ‘he is so romantic, he bought me this sari last month’ even if he has never bought her a single handkerchief also…’

‘I know what you are getting at…my mom has suffered so much because of dad but in front of the whole world she is always “ I have a super awesome husband…I have seen her lying thousands of time in front of other about Dad even when he is abusing her day & night’

‘See now you are getting my point…aren’t we women deserve the Best Disguise Award…we might be dying with every passing day…reason can be any from parents, career to husband and family…but we create illusion by putting a happy mask’

‘True…look at us…we are happy in our personal life still there are moments when we also carry those happy mask…interesting…do you think women in other parts of the world have happy masks too’

‘Obviously…history has proved women have done PhD in camouflaging’ we both started laughing…because it’s an inside joke which only we women can understand

Love ❤ AARYA

Because I Said So…

‘Mom Can I stay over at Nishi’s place?’



‘Because I said so’

‘Mom Can I go for a movie?’



‘Because I said so’

‘Can I buy a tank top?’



‘Because I said so’

‘Can I get a tattoo?’


‘All my friends have tattoo’

‘Anu you can’t get a tattoo’

‘Can I bum a smoke?’

h61073963‘Ananya I am saying this for the last time…you are not going to go or do any of these things…do you understand?’

‘Yeah don’t do this, don’t do that…you never say yes for anything…what’s your problem…my friends parents are so cool…they don’t say no for anything’

‘If your friend is jumping in the well, you gonna follow him…No na, so stop arguing’


‘Because I said so’

Taaadaaaaa…and we are done…

Because I said so…Indians are well acquainted with this infamous line…because at some point every Indian has heard it from their parents…of course there’s tons of drama involved behind that one Line 😉


I have said it thousands time…our upbringing is way too different from the western world…our parents are not so liberal…they have set standards & set rules which are to be strictly followed by us…without asking a question…previously kids were nice and well behaved…they used to follow the rules laid down by their parents religiously…

But today’s NexGen…is little different…they love arguing…they love asking W & H questions 247…specially the one which starts with WHY…which pisses off our loving parents…

They are never ready to give reason…most of the time their reasons are senseless and sometimes they feel too embarrassed to discuss with their kids like sex, boyfriend & girlfriend…are some common issues which are dumped in a bin…if it was possible to throw these taboo & sensitive issues in Black Hole…they would have done it thousands of years ago 😀

In their defense they only have…Because I said so…well is it the line only faced by us…or rest of the kids in the world have same issues…would love to hear your thoughts…till next time…

Love ❤ AARYA



The Day He Lied To Me…

‘Dadi (Granny) Does Dadu ever lied to you?’ I asked my Dadi who was reading her all time fav novel Harry Potter…she looked and gave me a warm smile, and then she went towards the window and kept staring outside for quite a long time…

She turned slowly and said “Get me a cup of hot cappuccino, will you”

 I ran to the kitchen and return with two cups of hot cappuccino…she took the white coffee mug and sat on the window sill The Day He Lied To Me…hmm…it happened long time ago Karan…very long time ago…I was in Bombay for a business meeting…which was going to change my world…my career, my dreams, my stakes, my life, everything was depending on that meeting…it was a two day trip and in those two days I called your Dadu thousands of time…at every call I asked him how are kids and everything at home…every time he gave me the same reply‘Everything is under control, don’t worry, I am here, you concentrate on your meeting, give your best’

 I reached home after four days…when I came out of the airport, your Dadu (Granpa) was waiting for me…on the way home I kept chattering, your Dadu was very silent which was unlike him…half an hour later I noticed we were on different road…I asked your Dadu where were we going…he stopped the car and took my both hands and squeezed them gently and said ‘Shona, something happened when you were away…and I want you to stay strong and I know you can…Aditya has severe asthma attack and he is in critical condition and I am taking you to the hospital…I know you have many questions, I will answer all of them but let’s get back to the hospital first’ …I felt as if someone had punched me hard in the stomach still I didn’t cry…until the day my company announced the name of their next CEO…Shonali Shanon…

I was standing on the dais…cameras were flashing, people were waiting for their new CEO to say few words…but my eyes were searching the man because of whom my life was about to change…he was nowhere in sight…I got free from all the hush hush after two hours…I needed some alone time, so I walked towards my office…I turned the knob and opened the heavy wooden door of my new office…and he was standing right there with a huge bouquet along with Aditya & Aditi…I stood still for some time lost in his gaze…I had so many questions in my mind…and he was smiling as if answering all my questions & clearing my doubts…

When I didn’t move after few minutes also…he walked slowly and gave me a tight hug…in that moment I allowed myself to melt in his arms…I cried like a baby and like a good companion he hold me firmly…once I was done with my tears he whispered ‘Congratulations Mrs CEO’…I couldn’t help smiling…that was the first time he lied to me…”

“You mean there are more”

“Couple more I guess” she winked

“Karan…if your Dadu wouldn’t have lied to me on the calls…I would have never retired as the CEO…he was always there…he took all the responsibility of house & family…and let me fly high…whatever I achieved in my life it’s just because of your Grandfather…I think that is why Aditya, your Dad also supports your Mom so much…

Karan, supporting a woman never makes you less masculine…in fact a true man will always support her and help her in achieving her dreams…not because she is a woman but she shares same potential & caliber as yours…remember she deserve better than the best…can you become better than the best?…if you ever have someone special in your life…do me a favor…give her wings”