Hey…No Shortcuts…

That day is not far behind…when newspaper headlines would be…Originality on the verge of Extinction…look at the world around us…we are looking for shortcuts…we copy an old idea and add some masala and present it to the world…whether it’s our film scripts, songs, fashion, life or anything else…we don’t want to work hard we don’t have patience…but in the entire process of copying we forget the famous quote…there’s no shortcut to success…

Believe it or not, humans are most amusing creatures living on this planet…when a two year old kid imitates its parents or siblings, we enjoy it…but when a grownup starts talking and walking like us it will definitely irritate us…we want to dress like someone…walk & talk like someone…we will buy home décor and furnishing like our neighbors…we even imitate the career graphs and personal lives of people whom we admire or envy 😉

Why can’t we be ourselves??? Why can’t we stick to the Originality??? Is it so difficult to stick to your style and choices???

Taking help and guidance from someone who is better than you is not a bad idea…in fact, that’s how we become better over the years…but imitating someone completely till the extent that it pisses off the opposite person is not the done thing…as an individual we should try to develop our own taste and style…we can grow and become better with experiments…but becoming a COPYCAT is a BIG NO NO…you are not only killing your innovativeness & freshness…you are so focused on imitating that you lose the touch of daring & newness…

So all you boys & girls…ladies & gentlemen…if you want to be successful and remembered…stop copying & being fake…COPY might generate millions of dollars…but ORIGINAL’s worth would always be more…now the choice is yours decide your worth 😉

You can copy my accent…my style…my potential…my life…my choices…but you can never imitate my creativity…I would always be Original & you would always be a Copycat 😎

Love ❤ AARYA

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