Oh Sleep…Where are you…

Did it ever happened to you…when you are dead tried because of too much work load…you are always craving for some extra sleep…but when you actually hit the bed…the sleep is at the other end of the world…and when you woke up…you still feel drowsy and lazy…you feel like catching some more sleep but all the clocks keep kicking your butt…

And one afternoon…you take a quick nap…but when you get up…you feel so fresh as if you just had an exquisite visit to some spa…you feel all charged up and pepped up 😀

Well something like this is happening to me since days…I am always so tired and craving for extra sleep…but yesterday I took a nap and when I woke up I was super charged and happy…I don’t know how it happened…but I loved that feeling 🙂

 I wish I can sleep like this every night after night…I have too many issues with my sleeping pattern 😦 I am fighting battle with sleep night after night…at times I feel like quitting sleep 😉

Am I the only alien or does it happen with you people too???…and when does it actually happens…when you have too much workload or you are stressed???…

tired-mom-needs-more-energyFar far away from sleep…Love AARYA



9 thoughts on “Oh Sleep…Where are you…”

    1. Thank you for showing your concern Michelle 🙂
      I cannot say that I am having trouble sleeping its just I have too much workload nowadays…it kinda disturbs my sleeping pattern…
      I have trouble sleeping because I always have bad dreams…I hardly watch horror movies or something too violent…because it will become a pain for months…and i dont know how to get rid of dreams 🙂

      1. I had to be really careful what I watched and what I read and stopped drinking caffeine. I had to make sure I was the right temperature and all that. For months I went to bed with ear phones in, playing carefully selected music or even the same song to try and lull my brain to sleep. I have recovered now and can even drink the occasional caffeine drink. Praying that you experience peaceful sleep.

      2. So sorry to hear about that…I can understand and relate it too…I will also pray that you experience peaceful sleep dear…thank you once again for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  1. I suffered with insomnia for years, but that’s over now. I know exactly how it is to hit the sheets, dead tired, and then I can’t fall asleep. And naps have done me wonders.

    1. Naps do wonders…specially when you are too stressed and have loads of work…My husband had insomnia for years…but after marriage he sleeps peacefully…we didn’t go for any treatments…but he is at ease when he knows I am around 🙂

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