A Compliment…Works As A Motivation…Always…

I never had stage fear…but I was always scared of talking in English…until I started pursuing my MBA…where I was forced to speak in English everyday…now how I started speaking English is altogether a different story and I will share it with you guys some other time…

I was always active in extracurricular activities…and was outstanding too…that is what others always said to me…after six months one of my professor asked me to host an entire ceremony in our college…I was little reluctant initially but later on I accepted it…the ceremony was on the last day of our first semester after that we all went for a two months internship…

We were damn excited for the second semester and all were gathered in the main lobby…all of a sudden a sir came to me and said “You were brilliant on that ceremony evening…you had amazing voice and great command over communication…I haven’t seen anyone like you in a long time…and everyone else in the lobby…please a great round of applause for this girl…if you ever want to know what kind of power an MBA should have in communication skills…it should be like her…”

I was zapped and speechless…he said it in front of 199 students, I was the 200th one…I was not surprised because on ceremony day many people complimented me for being a great host…but I was surprised because he was faculty of the most renowned MBA school of India…

This kind of compliment coming from someone…who guides and polish hundreds of students every year…had noticed my skills…none of my faculty members appraised me but he did even though he was the visiting faculty…and that was the best compliment ever

I have got many compliments throughout my life…but that compliment holds a special place…because I was learning and growing and no one was there to tell me that I am doing good…keep it up…

Well my husband and family were and still are constant support but an outsider is your best critique…Indians don’t have the courtesy to compliment someone…my sir also taught me…don’t ever stop yourself from giving an honest compliment to anyone even if he is a complete stranger…you never know you might make his day or maybe his life 😀

Love ❤ AARYA












7 thoughts on “A Compliment…Works As A Motivation…Always…”

  1. Ohhhh, that’s great Aarya. How nice. It really does make a difference when someone pays you a nice compliment, doesn’t it?
    I love that cute little photo you added at the end.

  2. Genuine compliment goes a long way to bolster our confidence and can work like magic. I relate with this post coz if I go on stage, I will freeze to death and forget all my English. English jayenge tel lene:)

    1. Hahahaha…I can’t buy that Vishal…have you ever seen your work…if you haven’t go through…I am sure you would rock the stage too 🙂

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