A Woman’s Life Is All About Sacrifice…

Sacrifice is the synonym of  Woman or Woman is the synonym of Sacrifice…

Oh…one of my classmate is leaving…because her husband doesn’t want her to study further…she left so that she can avoid all those fights, which were happening since day one she joined the college…and to save her child’s future who is only 11…now she want to save her marriage for her child’s future…not because she loves her husband…

I was actually feeling very sorry for her…majority of the people weren’t able to understand her reason…but because I am married I understood…why can’t she take the risk…she knows her husband will make her life hell and she wants to avoid that for her son…and to make it worst her parents are also not supporting her…

They are like now you are married…so your husband is your first duty…do as he asks you to do…she didn’t say many things directly…but I read between the lines…I am sure she would have been a wonderful teacher in her life…I said goodbye to her on a good note…wished her good luck for her future also…I don’t know what will happen next…but I hope she remains happy…

On the way home…I realized that I am so lucky to have a supportive husband…Vicky never stopped me from studying further or even from working…he was always supportive…he told me only one thing ‘You are a grown up…you know what can lead you to troubles…try to stay out of it’

Well…he is not very fond of me working…but still he never came between my dreams…he always supported me and still is…he helps me with my homework and blog…he is the one who is always pushing me for writing…

I don’t know why some husbands are so selfish…why can’t they give a little space to their wives…do they even know…this will have a negative impact on their relationship in a long run…she has sacrificed her life for you and your family…can’t you do a little bit for her small dreams…

Why do women have to sacrifice so much in life…and even after that we don’t get recognition…we just get a tag of a housewife…are we women really so much burden that parents also stop supporting their own daughters???…is this problem only in India…or does it happen in your country too???

Well I will take a leave…have loads of works…will see you guys on Thursday…

Adjustment, sacrifice and compromise are part of marriage…but forcing them is called mental harassment

Little disturbed…Love ❤ AARYA




12 thoughts on “A Woman’s Life Is All About Sacrifice…”

  1. It calls for double standards of some men in this hypocrite society we live in. There should be equality and respect in every relationship but sadly……ego rules for some.
    Hope the friend of urs is able to take a call since abuse in a relationship can never work. I know its easier said than done and she must have compulsions. Hope things are better for her.

    1. I hope so…but aren’t majority of the women sacrifice the way she did…for their kids…I don’t know when will society grow up…I feel that parents needs to give proper upbringing to their kids…so that they can get over with this stupid men’s ego…thanks for sharing your thoughts Vishal 🙂

  2. This really is a sad reality, I’m sure for many. Unfortunately, this does happen in other countries. Even in Latin America, which is very ‘free’. I am Canadian and married to a Brazilian. I choose to stay home with my kids, because I have come to understand that they are my top priority. I want to raise them, not have someone else do it. However, if I wanted to go out and get a full time job, my hubby would support me. He understands what it means to be the man of the house, yet with love and respect.
    I don’t know what else to say to this. All I know is that they don’t say there’s a “battle of the sexes” for nothing. Men become macho and don’t truly love and respect their wives. Women become heartless and don’t know how to love and respect their husbands. We’re all selfish and looking out for number 1 I guess. As a Christian, we call it sin.
    Thanks for sharing Aarya.

  3. Yeah somewhere down the line…we have forgot how to give respect in relationship…I don’t know about other countries…but in India people do consider women as second grade citizen…if a father doesn’t give respect to his wife…how can you expect that their kids will pay respect to a woman…no they will not…because they have never been taught…this cycle has been running since centuries…and today the situation are getting out of hand…

    Thank you so much Staci for sharing your thoughts…it’s glad to know that you are staying at home for your kids…you will cherish these days for rest of your life 🙂

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  5. I’m in a similar situation, from the other side, in that my partner wants to study. My quandary is that I will be expected to help financially with the cost of my partner’s studies, and will also have to work longer and make sacrifices to cover the loss of my partners’ household income. My thinking is that this ‘isn’t what I signed up for’ in this relationship. I would be glad for my partner to study, but it should be self funded if so. But it seems that no, I am expected to take the hit. Ultimately there are sacrifices which I am not willing to make, so if the studying thing becomes a reality, it will be the end of our relationship.

    1. I guess before taking a harsh decision of ending your relation…you can talk to your wife and let her know your dilema…I also believe that if wife wants to go for higher education… She should sponsor it herself rather than burdening husband…try to come up with a solution

      1. I got married almost 8 years of hanging out later…we both knew what we are getting into…I knew before marriage that my husband is not fond of me working…but he never came between my professional life…he is my backbone…and by Gods Grace dear…we are still together 🙂
        Marriage is all about sharing and caring but there’s a limit to everything I guess…we need to draw a line somewhere…love should not become suffering
        Thanks for speaking your mind 🙂 Keep Visiting

  6. India’s treatment of women is appalling – I have lived there off and on for years, 4 years last time. Sadly family members do the honour killings so there is no respect or status for women. It exists in most countries just more subtle. If a man can’t support his wife to study or allow her to work that’s usually a sign of his insecurity

  7. Just woman are doll in this society .
    Please respect ur wife
    Think ur wife as ur mother you will not illtreat her .
    Kindly think this and stop forcing her to mental harassment

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