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Hello everyone! It has been so long since I wrote anything. Its been more than a year. I am on an incredible journey ,  the best one, I could ever have. I am talking about the journey of motherhood.


Motherhood was just a “Noun” to me until I started living it. This is by far the most challenging, thrilling, unpredictable, exhausting, enriching , enthralling, on job experience, for me.


It challenges my patience , my physical, emotional and psychological strength every single day. It fills and thrills me with the joyous candid moments. No one could ever challenge the spontaneity of these little ones. if you think you know them , this is the biggest mistake you are making then.


At times they could be the best boss you could ever dreamed of, or could be the worst one you can ever think of. They are very demanding, they want you to be perfect in introspection, prediction, disaster management, quirkiness, and your god damn presence. However they could shower you with the most expansive, most lucrative luxury that you can never attend until you own them.


Despite all those odds she throws on me, hers one smile, hers one sight, hers one hug, hers one babble , charge me up , cheers me up , pay  zillions to make my day……………


Loving motherhood………….. Hope you do tooooooooo



“Mom : Happy Mother’s Day to All”

Mom is the one,

Who kept me in womb

She is the one,

traveled the exile,

When I was inside her

She  endured with pain,

When I spawned in the world

She experienced the twinge,

When breast fed me

She undergone the sleepless nights,

for my fanatical dreamy nights

She cried, when I cried

She had running eyes, when I cheered

She fought With herself,

With family,

With society,

With the customs,

With the rituals,

to make me won

She was disparaged,

Was questioned,

Was  mocked upon,

She bore all,

to see me smile

She never cared,

Never bothered,

Never ever expected,

When its about me

The only thing,

Which rangs into her head


the vow she took with me

when I tied to her

with an Umbilical Cord….