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Hello everyone! It has been so long since I wrote anything. Its been more than a year. I am on an incredible journey ,  the best one, I could ever have. I am talking about the journey of motherhood.


Motherhood was just a “Noun” to me until I started living it. This is by far the most challenging, thrilling, unpredictable, exhausting, enriching , enthralling, on job experience, for me.


It challenges my patience , my physical, emotional and psychological strength every single day. It fills and thrills me with the joyous candid moments. No one could ever challenge the spontaneity of these little ones. if you think you know them , this is the biggest mistake you are making then.


At times they could be the best boss you could ever dreamed of, or could be the worst one you can ever think of. They are very demanding, they want you to be perfect in introspection, prediction, disaster management, quirkiness, and your god damn presence. However they could shower you with the most expansive, most lucrative luxury that you can never attend until you own them.


Despite all those odds she throws on me, hers one smile, hers one sight, hers one hug, hers one babble , charge me up , cheers me up , pay  zillions to make my day……………


Loving motherhood………….. Hope you do tooooooooo




Motherhood: All Love Begins and Ends there – Robert Browning

What do you mean by Motherhood? Who according to you is a Prefect Mother? …your mom, your best friend’s mom or your neighbor’s mom…or you believe there is nothing like Prefect Mother

There is no formula for Perfect Mother but million ways to be a Good Mother

In my opinion…a Good Mother is the one who gives…values & virtues which are necessary to live in harmony with the mankind…who develops positive attitude towards failure & success of life…who develops a good moral character…who tells humanity is the God of all religions…who develops respect towards all culture & tradition irrespective of gender and caste…who respects humanity…for me she is a Good Mother

But question is how many women or shall I say mothers are capable of nurturing their children in moral aspect???…Very Few…Right

Look around and do a quick scanning…how many women you know who falls in this category…may be one or two…or still thinking…I know I am so rude…but ask yourself…am I really wrong???…

Don’t you feel that somewhere down the line…mothers are not being honest with their creations anymore…people have become more selfish & harsh…humanity is missing…heinous crimes like gang rape, acid attacks have become part of every day’s news…killing for small things…where are we going…what are we doing…we have created a Value Less Society…who is responsible???

Of course…we cannot play the blame game with mothers…but they are the root of every human being…and if it’s infected the plant and fruits are ought to be sour in taste…a mothers attitude affects the personality of a child very deeply…most of the women don’t have emotional, mental & social stability which is a must for being a mother…after all it’s a huge responsibility…she is nurturing the future generation of a society & a country…and I am sure you cannot deny that fact…

Women who don’t have children due to any reason are often insulted…you can never understood motherhood…and the pain through which she has to go…I agree…that nine month’s journey brings lots of changes in a woman body…but does it bring mental changes which are more important…again the answer is NO…

There are women who are not biological mother of their children…still they have set an example for society… for becoming a Good Mother…you don’t have to go through 9 months painful journey…it depends on your ability to love unconditionally…your ability to develop a balanced personality of your child…your ability to stay honest and true not only to your child but oneself too…

We keep on learning till the end of life…but values & virtues developed at early stages of life works as a foundation…what you get or give your child is not important…but what he becomes counts the most

Are you doing justice to the best gift bestowed upon you by God?