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Friends Forever…

Dear Veda

Hope this letter finds you in the pink of healthā€¦do you remember we used to write this tacky line in every letter in English Language Exam šŸ˜€ ā€¦but I really hope this letter finds you in great healthā€¦I donā€™t know where to start fromā€¦last year your life went upside downā€¦when a beautiful angel walked in your worldā€¦I still remember the day when you told me you are pregnantā€¦I cannot tell you darling how happy I am for youā€¦however, I am still angry that you told me so lateā€¦how could you do this to meā€¦I donā€™t want kids doesnā€™t mean I would be angry with you if you want to have oneā€¦

Your life is changingā€¦hours and hours of chatting and video calling has been taken over by Mahiā€¦you remember the last time when we were on Skypeā€¦this naughty girl of yours was throwing all kinda tantrums to get attentionā€¦you know a lot has happened in the past yearā€¦and today I am quite firm about my decision of not having kidsā€¦yeah yeah you can give me a long lecture on benefits of having babies laterā€¦I just want you to know I miss you at timesā€¦when I want to have some sensible discussion I miss usā€¦when I see two girls in trail room I miss usā€¦when I see two girls laughing out loud in a movie theatre I miss usā€¦when I see two girls in a secluded corner of the coffee house, lost in deep conversation I miss usā€¦I miss those carefree daysā€¦when we were just usā€¦I wish we can go back in time and relive those timesā€¦

Time fliesā€¦and that too very fastā€¦things would be differentā€¦you are a motherā€¦and she needs 247 365 days surveillanceā€¦so you donā€™t get enough time for meā€¦you would be more occupied in the coming yearsā€¦however few years later when Mahi would be old enoughā€¦when she would be learning and growing with her gang of girlsā€¦feel free to call meā€¦till then live and cherish each moment of your lifeā€¦motherhood is the most precious gift of godā€¦and I want you to live it to the fullestā€¦just keep me updated with her lol videos and pics šŸ™‚

And donā€™t you worry about meā€¦I am doing greatā€¦I know what I want and I am very clear about itā€¦ you know when I see these young kids at schoolā€¦I feel nostalgicā€¦sometimes I smile randomly thinking about the fun we hadā€¦time passesā€¦life changesā€¦priority changesā€¦but memories will lastā€¦

I donā€™t have to tell you how much I love youā€¦chaloā€¦I got to go my tooth is achingā€¦and stomach is grumblingā€¦catch you laterā€¦and do I have to wish you Friendship Day šŸ˜›

Love ā¤ AARYA

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Our Friend & Foe…Define Us…

Any person, who has same virtues & values like yoursā€¦he will either become a foe or a friendā€¦believe me or notā€¦itā€™s trueā€¦

You share same values with your best buddyā€¦but you also share same values with your foeā€¦have you ever thought of itā€¦I can betā€¦you havenā€™tā€¦

Before falling for anyoneā€™s friendshipā€¦we make sure that his thoughts and attitude matches oursā€¦if he doesnā€™t fall as per our set standardsā€¦we move onā€¦or keep it till hi-helloā€¦

We hate our enemy from bottom of our heartā€¦why???…because he is our equivalentā€¦he beats us in every fieldā€¦thoughts, actions, virtues & valuesā€¦will you hate the person whose standards are lower than yoursā€¦who is cheap in thinkingā€¦no you will notā€¦instead you will pity on himā€¦

Thatā€™s why also we heardā€¦people who were best friends became worst enemyā€¦you can only hate the person whom you loved the mostā€¦and sometimes your worst enemies becomes your best buddiesā€¦because your virtues are sameā€¦Ā 

Itā€™s human natureā€¦we cannot compromise on our values under any circumstancesā€¦so we always give place to only those people in our lifeā€¦whose values are similar to oursā€¦they can be family, friends or worst enemyā€¦

But itā€™s difficult to trust humansā€¦when our friend will turn into a foe or a foe into a friendā€¦nobody knowsā€¦we are weird creation of Godā€¦and our mind is more weirder than anything else in this universeā€¦

Our friends and foesā€¦always define usā€¦choose them wiselyā€¦till next time šŸ™‚

Love ā¤ AARYA

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