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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in a Quirky Way…HOW???

IS IT POSSIBLE???…well…when there’s a will there’s a way 😉 this weekend Blogadda want us to write a fun, quirky blog post and give other people some amazing V-Day ideas!…so here comes the quirky tips for quirky people like you and me 😉

Book Hotel Room in YOUR CITYluxury-hotel-rooms-pamilla-cape-townAccounting year is about to end…and boss becomes really fussy about taking an off…so going for a long weekend is totally out of question…but but but…you can definitely check in any hotel of your choice in your city…I know you must be thinking it’s a crazy idea…but no its one of the best way to revive the romance…a change of place can get you in mood…you don’t have to be bother about cooking and cleaning…all services would be just a caaalll away…and you can give your cent per cent attention to your lover…believe me it’s worth trying 🙂

Next thing on my list would be KNIKY LINGERIE ju7u0hcoall you girls…set your bedroom on fire…hop hop hop…buy some KINKY LINGERIE…believe me…your man wouldn’t be able to get his hands off your body 😉  …and wearing anything KNIKY will not make you a pimp…it will just set the mood and bedroom on fire for few days or may be for weeks 😀 …in fact your man will stop fantasizing SUNNY LEONE…because his personal vamp is just a call away 🙂 …in my option if your relation is in recession period…try this…  

COUPLE SPAshutterstock_60262510…all you overworked couples…exhausted because of long week…then sign up for couple spa in nearby RESORT or HOTEL…relaxing massages, aromatic and soothing atmosphere will not only rejuvenate your body but your mood too…so take a break from your hectic schedule and ignite the romance by relaxing your muscles 🙂

BECOME A MASSEUR phm5…yup you heard me right…watch couple of videos online…learn the quick basics of massage…rush to market and buy Aromatic Essential Oils for Massage…lavender and vanilla (would be my personal recommendation)…set the right environment…switch the lights on dim mode, light scented candles, some flowers and you are good to go…you can enjoy an erotic spa session at home…give holiday to your maid and order food get it home delivered…

This one is my fav…FAMILI TIME 🙂 Bobs-Burgers…spend quality time with family and cousins…you can cook together clean together…you can prepare some family games like tambola or musical chair etc. well in advance for all age groups…and have gala time with your loved ones…

POTLUCK WITH FRIENDStumblr_lzau4nqrQm1qdg1ofpotluck is one of the best way of hosting a party…invite your friends with their better halves…decide menu and divide among all…host can plan out some naughty couple games, dance or bonfire…suit yourself…but V DAY  can be a best day for socializing…

OooLalalaaa…RED ROOM OF PAINfifty-shades-red-room…If you like experimenting in your bedroom…then become bold like Christian Grey and enter the red room of pain with your girl…set the mood on fire and rock the bed 😉

Or you can prepare five course dinner at home…set a romantic environment with sensual music and enjoy dancing and dinner at home…don’t forget to dress up for the evening even if you are at home…

Or you can celebrate it with your besties…spend the entire day gossiping and eating then some more gossiping and eating till you are exhausted 🙂

Well over the years, I have lost interest in celebrating V DAY …maybe because of the age or maybe because I have understood the real essence of love…I don’t believe in expressing love on V DAY  or taking an off on V DAY  so that I can go for an exquisite dinner or enjoy a vacation…just like life cycle or economic cycle…relationships too have a cycle and if you feel that your relation is going through a difficult time…go ahead and take a break…don’t wait for V DAY  to express your true feelings…try any of the above stated quirky stuff…or if you have some better don’t forget to share below in the comment section : )

Till your relation reach this stage…have a romantic V DAY with your loved ones…Happy Valentine Day ❤ ❤ ❤

Love ❤ AARYA

PS…Don’t forget to use condoms if you don’t want trouble nine months later 😉

       And don’t exchange partners because that’s not QUIRKY that’s TACKY

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