Just like you I am an ordinary girl…with zillions dreams in my eyes…I love being called beautiful, but there are days when I am just a Plain Jane…I am not always right, but I hate admitting it…I am girl who loves cooking, but don’t like to be in kitchen 24/7…I am a girl who loves talking, but there are times when I want to shout…I am a girl who loves partying, but there are times when I want to be alone…I am a girl who loves to be loved, but sometimes I want you to give me my space…Just like you, I have expectations, feelings, emotions, desires, & fires… That’s what AARYA is… She has her own world and areas of interest…Sometimes she is like an empty space which can accommodate anything…by that I mean she can talk about and have her opinion from beauty to beast, personal relationships to politics, academic to corporate, beauty consulting to psychological consulting, fitness to awareness…anything and everything under the sky, you can think of…

Aarya and Veda are two different elements like Hydrogen and Oxygen…but when we are together…we start flowing like water…the wealthiest things we have are relations and we are good at it…we have opinions about everything but we are not judgmental… We got a pretty small life…but we believe in living it to the fullest…we have broken each and every rule set by Indian Society…and we are proud of it…we believe in living life on our terms…We are Free Birds…

Live Life on Your Terms…Be a Free Bird…


4 thoughts on “Aarya”

    1. 😀
      Gosh I havent responded to previous award also…but I am pleased…thank you so much Sir that you think that we deserve it 🙂

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live life on your terms…

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