Me and Aarya have deep interests in our surroundings. We get absorbed in it and then emit it through ink. we do get affected with the incidents, not infected though. I am here to talk on the seductions of weeds, alcohol and tobacco. These slow poisons abduct you with your permission. Isnt it?

I have many friends who loves to drink and smokes……… not weed though. However it doesnt change the intent of topic.

I spoke to all of them , and asked them, why do they indulge in it. The two reasons they gave me are: 1) They do it to soothe them down. 2) Not to pass the distress to loved ones.

Then I asked them that there are zillions of ways like, sports, meditations, yoga, aroma therapy and so many ………….. then, why this???

Then again they have two brilliant reasons: 1) Its a quick fix 2) Its a self propelled process.

Then I asked them a very last question, How do you defend yourself for being intoxicated. They again gave me two points: 1) By doing it they acted honest to us. 2) They know the limits and dont brawl on us.

Well guys and girls ……… I am not here to preach you all…. a thought crossed my mind and I am here to share it.

“How hard you try to defend. The truth is: A sleek bottle owns you , slaves you and you the ones who pay for it. ”

gave it a thought………

Take care




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