CELIBATE…to be or not to be…


I met someone few months ago…now this new person is definitely from some alien planet…because few weeks later this person confided to me that ‘I am following Celibacy’ …I swear my jaw dropped to the floor just the way they show in cartoon flicks…

It took me few days to digest that the person who sits next to me is following Celibacy…I have friends who are single but they are definitely not celibate…they are enjoying all perks of life if you know what I am talking about 😉

Celibacy is the state of voluntarily being unmarried, sexually abstinent, or both, usually for religious reasons…and after doing thorough research over the subject I came to a conclusion…following Celibacy is one of the  most difficult decisions to make…I am not talking about Celibacy for a certain time period…I am talking about Being Celibate for a Lifetime…

When this newbie friend of mine told me…my first question was…Why?…my friend gave me reasons which I cannot digest till date…because she is associated with an organisation which believes in Following Celibacy very exclusively…though I am a nobody to pass any comment on her life’s decisions…maybe if she wasn’t associated with this organisation I would have welcomed her decision with an open heart…

Being celibate for a specific time is different…some people do that for self-realization and all…in fact Hinduism has four age based life stages known as Ashrama –  Brahmacharya (student), Grihastha (householder), Vanaprastha (retired) and Sannyasa (renunciation)…now the first stage… Brahmacharya (bachelor student) lasts up to 25 years of age…this was focused on education and included the practice of CelibacyHinduism also suggests chastity during the student stage of life for the purposes of learning from a guru (teacher) and during later stages of life for the purposes of attaining the ultimate aim of life that is Moksha…it is considered as the highest virtue of human life…following Celibacy till marriage and fidelity after marriage…

Now question is why do we need to follow Celibacy?

Some people say ‘sex is not a natural process,  being celibate is’ …really…then what about evolution?

For self-realization, is Celibacy necessary?…hmm…so it means all married people or people who are not restraining themselves from the materialistic (as Celibates call it) pleasures of life will never attain Moksha…

Well I will leave you with some thought…and would love to know your opinion about Celibacy…till next time…

Love ❤ AARYA


5 thoughts on “CELIBATE…to be or not to be…”

  1. This is quite interesting the way you perceive celibacy in your part of the world than in western societies. In western societies normaly cibacy is perceived as being “single and readyt to mingle” you really are not tied to one woman, you are not tied to a relationship in which to work for it to work out.. You´re free to be with who you want( sex) and do whatever you want in the open without having to anwer to a spouse.

    For me, what is strange for example are the strict rules that you have to adhere in your country, about the gooing to school and then being expected to marry and fidelity until eternity. Those are rules, in my personal opinion, impose on “free” individuals (or at least they should be free to either want to marry or not, or marry early or late or marry and divorce, e.t.c) And about studying, well that really is a luxury that most people don´t have. So for me what you consider normal in that real, I consider it as being tied to very strict rules that in the world that I come from are not meant for free people. Free people have the freedom of choice without having society put them on such a short lease and preassure them.

    So, first of all where I come from we really don´t think too much about all those things of celibacy. I have had counted girlfriends to which I have lived with in the same house and then the relationship didn´t work out and we just drifted apart. Then on other ocassions is not rare from where I come from to have “partners with benefits”, you can meet up with a girl, have a great time talking about serious things, laughing and at the same time have sex.

    That´s my take on it, not my take really, is just the way our world in the western world works. No wonder, I could never travel to your country. I´d be thrown in jail at day 2. Or after I walked out of the plane for trying to pick up a married woman…… 😉

    Take care Aarya

    1. hahaha…you gotta a good sense of humor pal…but don’t worry what I wrote in my post about Hinduism…it was practiced thousands of years ago…today’s Indian youth is quite influenced by western world…we are having sex before marriage…we are enjoying living relations and we also have friends with benefits…so you will not only survive in India but you would be able to have loads of fun…
      I just want to understand others viewpoint on sexual abstinence aka celibacy for the whole life…
      and am glad that you shared your thoughts 🙂

  2. Being celibate is not necessarily a choice when we look at the sex angle. I think sex is an important aspect in someone’s life and being celibate got nothing do with being married or bachelor.

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