Did You Ever Get Lost.???

Did you ever get lost? Or got lost?


I got lost while playing in the park…I got lost in the delicious Mom’s Meal…I got lost while grooving on my fav tune…I got lost in my studies…I got lost in my career…I got lost in his voice when I heard him for the first time on telephone…I got lost in track of time when I was enjoying a long distance call with my bff in other part of the world…I got lost in the book I was reading…I got lost in his embrace when we made love…I got lost in the beautiful curves of Shimla…I got lost in Belgium Chocolate Cake…I got lost in my life…in you and me…but what I learned???…it’s okay to be lost at times in life…it’s okay if you can’t figure things out at the moment…being lost is route to finding yourself…being lost is a route to your dreams…being lost is a route to understand the world better…

So Did You Ever Get Lost?

Love ❤ AARYA


Would appreciate your opinions and views...I am here to listen...

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