Music to My Ears

Indians and majority of Indian Companies don’t believe in the concept of Weekend…alrighty…no need to faint…and I am not exaggerating…it’s cent percent true 😎

We really don’t have concept of weekend…for us weekend comprises of only one day and that is SUNDAY 😦 …Saturday is working and usually its fullday :/  …we believe in exploiting the human resources in best possible way irrespective of the post and package…

I work in an International School for 54 hours a week…how could it be possible ‘you are just a teacher’…read well I am a teacher BUT in an International School 😉  so we are breaking the leg :p …it’s a pure corporate culture…accept in BIG Corporations, we do enjoy weekends because you get two days off in weekend package 😀

Now out of the blue, when my coordinator announce in the million dollar staff room ‘Tomorrow (Saturday) is Holiday’ that’s music to my ears…and if they say ‘Diwali Vacation or Summer Vacation would be available for teachers’ then its sheer poetry to my ears…

Yes yes yes…no promotion, no good news, no jackpot rings the bell…the way a day off does…after busting our asses for an entire week…we do need a two day break…where we can relax and have some good time with family and friends…

I hope our HRD Ministry realizes the true value of Human Resources…and make two days off a must in a week…I wish ek ke saath dusra free hota 😉 …Love ❤ AARYA

PS…This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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