Festive Season is here…and Indians got the Best Diwali Gift…Our Maggi or shall I say MERI MAGGI just the way Nestle like to address it’s one of the most popular product in India…MAGGI 2 MINUTE NOODLES…is back on the rack…

Few months ago Nestle MAGGI got into huge controversy…Food Safety Regulators from one of the state of India reported that MAGGI 2 MINUTES NOODLES contains high levels of lead and MSG (monosodium glutamate)…now this created a huge fiasco in country overnight…and gradually Government banned MAGGI across India…However, various lab tests were conducted in various parts of the world and finally MAGGI 2 MINUTES NOODLES were declared safe 😀

90s Generation of India has been brought up with Maggi…in our school days, we didn’t have international Franchises like McD, Pizza Hut, or Subway…all these Big Names walked in our life when we joined college…but it was too late…our generation already fell in love with Maggi…our quick bite was MAGGI…food is yuck, we had MAGGI…mom wasn’t well, we had MAGGI…hungry at 2am, we had MAGGI…afternoon munching was MAGGI

I know I must be sounding crazy…but it’s true…the world can call us MAGGI GENERATION…we have our crazy and fun loving MAGGI STORIES

When MAGGI was banned it was 90’s kids who got hurt the most…for us it was a huge loss…and today’s generation can’t associate themselves with MAGGI because they have loads of other International Options which we never had…

Today’s market is filled with tonnes of yummy options from chocolates to frozen foods…still my tongue palates crave for Maggi…it’s like you really can’t get over things that you had in your childhood…it’s a way of revisiting those memory lanes…those Me & Maggi Stories

I am so Maggi Generation…Love ❤ AARYA


4 thoughts on “Meri MAGGI…”

  1. Thanks for letting the world know. 😀
    I can so relate to your emotions right now!!! They did not pull it off the racks from the indian stores in US (where I currently live),so we still weren’t missing it, but it would be sad if they stopped selling maggi all together. Cheers to the “maggi generation” 🙂

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