TAMASHA…duniya ek rang manch hai

World is a stage and we all are actors…

Yesterday I watched Tamasha…for two reason, firstly I wanted to get out of shock (and severe migraine) which Prem Ratan Dhan Payo gave me…secondly, Tamasha is Imtiaz Ali movie so you can’t afford to miss it in theatre… Imtiaz Ali is a director who is capable of highlighting the complexity of human character…his characters always revolves around individuals trying to find out real selves…

Tamasha is also a story of an individual who loses his real self by living according to the social conventions expected of him…Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone played the lead role in the movie…It’s a story which tells don’t pretend to be someone which you are not…don’t try to change yourself so you can fit in the society…don’t crush your dreams due to family pressure…no need to follow bhed chaal (rat race) as our parents and society expect us to do…just follow your heart…

Yes, this is exactly the story of Tamasha from my viewpoint…I will not say Tamasha can beat other Imtiaz Ali movies like Jab We Met or Love Aaj Kal or Rockstar…no it can’t… Tamasha has lots of flaws…loose script, average dialogues…lack of depth… …it fails to impact audience…once out of theatre you will not be able to recall any single dialogue or scene…yes locations are awesome, Corsica is surely a place worth visiting…Deepika looked beautiful, you would feel like stealing her wardrobe…still movie fails to create moments…but it will definitely leave you with a thought…

It takes lot of courage to follow your dreams…and if your dreams are offbeat…and you live in a society where everyone expect you to follow the rat race and live a robo life…then it requires guts to break the pattern and create your own set of rules…and believe me it’s never going to be easy…people would be harsh and mean…but years later when you would be enjoying the fruits of your dreams and guts…people will admire your fearless determination…

Do you have guts to live life on your terms?

Can you live for your dreams?

Can you leave everything for your dreams?

Can you be your true self forever?

I am following my dreams…fighting with family and society almost every day…breaking the pattern and preconceived notions…well I am leaving you with a thought…would love to know your opinion…that’s me signing off for today 🙂



Love ❤ AARYA

PS…it’s not a movie review…just my expressions about the movie and it’s soul…here are few links if you want to know the exact story…Tamasha ReviewTamasha Review 2

Here’s Link of Movie Trailer with English Subtitles


2 thoughts on “TAMASHA…duniya ek rang manch hai”

  1. I gonna go for Tamasha today. I believe there is no age to follow your dreams and has conversation with an uncle yesterday who told me to stop chasing stuffs at some age since I am no longer a teen.
    I disagree for I know he is looking at it from a practical angle, which I am not. I constantly fight for my identity and dreams at the age of 35. I believe I am quite young and there is never a time to rescript the story of life.
    Glad to see after long.

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