Ramblings & Babblings

It’s being a long time I haven’t written anything…believe me I want to write…lots of things are running in my mind but my hands are not cooperating…there are moments when I feel like writing but I don’t have access to my laptop…and when I have I don’t feel like writing anymore…God knows what’s wrong with me…

Last couple of months were damn hectic…I was busy with my Presentations & Exams…and my new job…oh yes I started working again but this time corporate walls are not squeezing the hell out of me…I am happy with my new job…by the way I am a teacher in one of the International Schools of my town…I teach X, XI & XII grades…and I am too occupied with my new job…

I worked as a lecturer also but teaching in school is way too different…in higher education we hardly make difference in any student’s life…but in school your every single word as a teacher influence them…initially I was bit reluctant towards accepting the job as a teacher…I wanted to go for lectureship but my Principal asked me to gain experience as a teacher…she said it will take my teaching skills and creative skills to a next level…you are raw you have potential but you are raw, school will polish you refine you…now it’s being three months and I can feel the difference…

I am trying hard to get settled in this new environment…I am reading once again…oh I read Adultery few weeks ago and I loved it…I am also making a promise to myself that I will not stop writing…I will write at least one post every week or may be more…I will try to read my fellow bloggers post as well…this would be one of my KRAs for this year…

We have to set 5 KRAs…one of my KRA is to punch in before 7:45…we have to check in everyday before 7:45 otherwise our half day salary would be deducted…and I have some serious issues with reaching on time…don’t give me that look…I try my best but somehow I would be a minute or two late…but since last two weeks I am keeping a clean record of punching before 7:45 😀                         …and writing a post once a week would be my another KRA…

Well I will take a leave now…my stomach is grumbling…catch you guys later…thanks for reading 🙂

Love ❤  AARYA

PS…did you guys notice I changed the look of my blog???



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