Never Understood Me

Hey Mom

I will be short and sweet and straight…i wanted to say so many things the other night when we were fighting…but thought writing a letter is a better option…

You never understood me…you never understood my love for you…I know I was rough and rude to you at times…but I wanted to help you to become an independent woman…but again you missunderstood me…you still hold grudges against the things that I said when I was only 18 trying hard to balance things…I thought you will understand the transition I was going through…I was young and naïve…I am sorry for what I did…but fighting and taunting over things that I said so many years ago isn’t going to help…you forgot the good things that I did…but I guess I never did any good at all…I am just a bad bad person…thats what you wanna say and I get it…but there’s one thing I want you to know…no one in this world understood you better than me…no one means no one…

Anyway I don’t want to give any justifications…maybe in another life in another world you might get me…till then have a great time with your son who loves you unconditionally…

Your daughter



8 thoughts on “Never Understood Me”

  1. Have you heard the song, “Teach Your Children” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young? Listen to it. Dwell upon the lyrics. Listen again. Think of the letter your daughter would write to you.
    Then, write to your mom again

    1. No I haven’t but I checked it on youtube…I am not sure whether I get it exactly or not but I liked it…and I haven’t written this for my mom…I wrote it just like that…

  2. Pain and frustration of being misunderstood comes through in this piece…Its the worst feeling and you have so honestly put them down in words…Nice one Aarya.

  3. I can’t help but dwell upon the fact you crossed daughter.
    She is your mom, i dont know much about what is the relationship between your mom and you, but as far as holding a grudge i can say my mom will still scold me for a mistake i did when i was 5!
    Hope things work out for you!:)

  4. Sometimes, we need to give relationship time. I know, frustration can accumulate in life and that’s why communication matters, something many parents are alien to. I feel both parents and children need their respected safe. My growing years was one period where I said so many things a rebel that hurt my parents. But, guess, it was a phase. Certain things that I shouldn’t have said!

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