It’s too late…

‘Give him a divorce’ she said coolly ‘You are not happy in this relation, look what he has done to you…don’t you feel suffocated…you are always crying and cribbing…so get a divorce’

She looked at her with moist eyes and smiled ‘It’s not easy Tanya, to get up and give divorce, 30 years of marriage later it feels funny’

‘No there’s nothing funny about it Mom, you think that Vivan and I aren’t aware about the relation you shared with Dad…we always knew that you are not made for each other…he doesn’t like you, for him wife is just a trophy to flaunt in the society…to give food and have sex with…you given up half of your life to this dead relation…what you got…migraine and so many health problems which no doctor in the world can understand…few years of your life are left…don’t you feel like breathing fresh air…living once just for once…on your terms’

She waited for her mom to say something but when she didn’t…she continued ‘Maa Vivan and I will always support you…just let us know if you want to go ahead with divorce…don’t worry about money we are doing good…anyway you will get half of dad’s property in alimony…so money isn’t an issue’ she winked

She smiled softly and said ‘Tanya it’s not that easy…within few years I realized his hatred towards me…but I was helpless because both of you were so small…and most importantly I was dependent…I didn’t have enough qualification to start a job…when your nanaji used to tell me to work as a teacher I never took him seriously…and by the time I thought about working, it was too late…now few years are left…I am 50, why to go through all this fuss?’

‘Why didn’t you work?’

‘You know I was young and naïve…but you my dear…never leave your job…I know Sahil loves you and takes great care of you…but sometimes husbands change I hope that day never comes in your life…so keep working just for fun…there are many women who wants to run away from bad marriages but they can’t’

‘Because they are dependent just like you’ she completed the sentence for her mom…she got up and gave a tight hug to her mom and said ‘I don’t know how much I can understand your decision to stay in this marriage…but we would always be there by your side just in case you change your mind’  



4 thoughts on “It’s too late…”

  1. A beautiful post. When things doesn’t work out, it’s better to walk away rather than be unhappy coz it’s never late to start afresh. It’s sad what women have to face where there is no avenue to be independent.

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