I was sitting alone on the platform waiting for my train…I met him for the first time on this very platform 5 years ago…it was not love at first sight…but something was different…we were always like fire and ice…something was magical and magnetic about us…and when we fell for each other we don’t know…everything was going smooth until I asked him to get married…

Well I know we never said those three magical words but we were always in love…I never knew that he will change…I always thought I am the one…I always thought he loves me more than anything else in this world…but when reality hit me hard I decided to move on…

Now it’s being more than six months…I haven’t seen him or talked to him…but I guess he knows that I am leaving…I wish he was here, I was dying for one last look of his face…I got up as my train was whistling…

I was able to feel the cold metal between my fingers…I turned around to see the gate for the last time where I met him for the first time…I closed my eyes…tried to remember his naughty eyes, his long tresses, his soft lips on mine…the trained whistled for the last time…I opened my eyes and he was standing on the same spot where I saw him for the first time…




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