A New Breed Of Marriages…Really???

In India…a new breed of Marriage is booming thanks to some delusionist…Love cum Arranged & Arranged cum Love

Since ages we have heard about only two types of marriages…Arranged Marriage & Love Marriage…but some extra smart jerks have invented this new concept…

In my country…love marriage is trending…youngsters who wanted to go for Love Marriage desperately…but unfortunately didn’t find the right partner and went ahead with Arranged Marriage…invented the concept of Arranged cum Love

You cannot fall in love with a person whom you have met few weeks ago…in a formal setting organized by your parents…by talking on phone & meeting couple of times…in front of your family troops…cannot make you fall in love…and even if you do…you are nuts…

And people who wanted the world to believe…that there was no World War III at their home…while talking about their beloved with their families and relatives…who want the world to believe, there was no natak and tamasha (problems & issues) in their marriage…invented the concept of Love cum Arranged

There’s always World War III, IV & V…when any boy or girl…discloses his/her relationship in front of their parents & family…because we are not allowed to choose our life partner…that’s a crime in our society…you need to born with Xtra Lucky Charm…so your parents don’t create Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap kinda drama…and specially mom…well there have been cases where dads were way to dramatic then mom…in order to portray…cool parent picture in front of society…they came up with this crap concept…

But I would love to clear all their bullshit doubts and get them out of their fantasy world…

There is nothing like Love cum Arranged or Arranged cum Love…your marriage is either Love or Arranged…and if you have balls…accept it…only losers believe in delusions…

I hope I made my point well…would love to know your views on this trending concept of New Age Marriages 🙂




10 thoughts on “A New Breed Of Marriages…Really???”

    1. Oh…I didn’t think of it…we usually use this word for combining any two words of dual nature…that is what I learnt in English…but if I read it from your point of view…it changes the entire meaning 😀

      Thank you for enlightening me 🙂

  1. Now, what this crap all about except fooling people that you will fall in love once u get into arranged marriage of sort. It’s either Love or Arrange or open relationship, whatever the last may be. There are loads of bullshit nowadays with the cultural hypocrisy.

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