I am very open when it comes to sharing my mind…I am an old school girl who loves talking…but this internet has changed the face of communication and relations…even if you don’t like it you gotta learn it and use it…because every other person you know is using it…

But when it comes to express emotions…whether I am online or having a face to face conversation…I rarely use shortcuts like gr8, u, v etc etc while gossiping online also…I didn’t write more shortcuts because I can’t recall any 🙂

I can’t stand this kind of shortcut language…I feel as if emotions are missing from my message…I feel that opposite person might misinterpret my message…typing the message with proper spellings is pain in the ass…but I prefer communication that way…and if emotions are in full flow and I don’t have enough time for typing I just pick up the phone and call the opposite person…but I don’t use this trending shortcut methods of communication…

Checkout the spellings of young generation…and some people who sound too cool online are actually too lame in face to face conversation…I just hope our future generation don’t forget the real writing language…

Recent Modes of Communication are killing the Real Communication…



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