‘Can you take that off?’

‘What? My Hijab’

‘Yes…see I can’t allow you to wear it during school hours…it will give a negative impression’


There was an awkward silence for some time…she got up slowly and said ‘Well in that case…I would like to decline your offer Sir’

‘Really…you know you will not get this kind of package anywhere else…we are one of the most renowned school of this city’

She smiled and said ‘I know Sir…but I will take that risk’

‘As you wish Miss Abida…it was pleasure meeting you’

She gave a courteous nod and walked towards the door but turned ‘One more thing Sir, you think my hijab will pass on a negative impression…what about the orthodox thinking of one of the best school of this city?’ she closed the door without a second look…she went outside thinking…I will not take my hijab off for anyone’s sake…I will work on my condition…I will work where people would respect my religion…where nobody will judge me just because I wear a hijab…

Hijab is a like a book cover, if you judge me by it…you will never know the Real Me…

 Love ❤ AARYA


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