The Best Disguise Award

‘These politicians can fetch The Best Disguise Award, I tell you’ Alankrita said while throwing remote on the couch

I laughed, I met her 12 years ago and she hasn’t changed a bit…she is a reporter by profession and becomes very aggressive when it comes politics but a gem at heart…I smiled and said ‘I can’t agree with you’

‘You believe that they are saint’

‘No they are assholes…but they don’t deserve the Best Disguise Award’ I passed freshly baked cinnamon bread to her…she took a full bite ‘Whl you wean?’

‘I think Best Disguise Award should be given to women’

‘Please enlighten me’

I smiled…I love her it’s so easy to talk to her…she never judge you…and always ready for a new opinion…  ‘Kriti look at the women…when we are in college we try to pretend our family is cool…when our parents force us to choose a specific career, we might be bleeding from inside but will say out loud, I am fulfilling my dreams…when it comes to choosing a life partner…do we have option…never…we didn’t say no, because we know it’s of no use’

‘That’s not true…parents have changed’

‘Really how many…we are few bunch of people who are lucky…I am talking from a general point of view Kriti…how many parents asks their daughters…like a good girl we jump in the dark pit…no matter how much have been through because of our husband, children and in laws…we always have fake smile “I have a perfect family”…I have two loving kids and a true gentleman who is great husband and loving father…but reality is way to different…our husband might be beating the shit out of us night after night but in kitty parties we would be like ‘he is so romantic, he bought me this sari last month’ even if he has never bought her a single handkerchief also…’

‘I know what you are getting at…my mom has suffered so much because of dad but in front of the whole world she is always “ I have a super awesome husband…I have seen her lying thousands of time in front of other about Dad even when he is abusing her day & night’

‘See now you are getting my point…aren’t we women deserve the Best Disguise Award…we might be dying with every passing day…reason can be any from parents, career to husband and family…but we create illusion by putting a happy mask’

‘True…look at us…we are happy in our personal life still there are moments when we also carry those happy mask…interesting…do you think women in other parts of the world have happy masks too’

‘Obviously…history has proved women have done PhD in camouflaging’ we both started laughing…because it’s an inside joke which only we women can understand

Love ❤ AARYA


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