Because I Said So…

‘Mom Can I stay over at Nishi’s place?’



‘Because I said so’

‘Mom Can I go for a movie?’



‘Because I said so’

‘Can I buy a tank top?’



‘Because I said so’

‘Can I get a tattoo?’


‘All my friends have tattoo’

‘Anu you can’t get a tattoo’

‘Can I bum a smoke?’

h61073963‘Ananya I am saying this for the last time…you are not going to go or do any of these things…do you understand?’

‘Yeah don’t do this, don’t do that…you never say yes for anything…what’s your problem…my friends parents are so cool…they don’t say no for anything’

‘If your friend is jumping in the well, you gonna follow him…No na, so stop arguing’


‘Because I said so’

Taaadaaaaa…and we are done…

Because I said so…Indians are well acquainted with this infamous line…because at some point every Indian has heard it from their parents…of course there’s tons of drama involved behind that one Line 😉


I have said it thousands time…our upbringing is way too different from the western world…our parents are not so liberal…they have set standards & set rules which are to be strictly followed by us…without asking a question…previously kids were nice and well behaved…they used to follow the rules laid down by their parents religiously…

But today’s NexGen…is little different…they love arguing…they love asking W & H questions 247…specially the one which starts with WHY…which pisses off our loving parents…

They are never ready to give reason…most of the time their reasons are senseless and sometimes they feel too embarrassed to discuss with their kids like sex, boyfriend & girlfriend…are some common issues which are dumped in a bin…if it was possible to throw these taboo & sensitive issues in Black Hole…they would have done it thousands of years ago 😀

In their defense they only have…Because I said so…well is it the line only faced by us…or rest of the kids in the world have same issues…would love to hear your thoughts…till next time…

Love ❤ AARYA




5 thoughts on “Because I Said So…”

  1. I said so is a classic order by parents. No real explanations are given and I feel they believe it’s their birth right to decide. A very wrong way to bring children up or they can’t come up with proper answers. Howz about the need for training before becoming parents?
    Do tell me what do you think?

    1. I strongly support this…in fact I have been constantly discussing this issue with my classmates and professors…there should be some kind of seminar and workshops for parents & would be parents…and it should be compulsory for everyone…

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