The Day He Lied To Me…

‘Dadi (Granny) Does Dadu ever lied to you?’ I asked my Dadi who was reading her all time fav novel Harry Potter…she looked and gave me a warm smile, and then she went towards the window and kept staring outside for quite a long time…

She turned slowly and said “Get me a cup of hot cappuccino, will you”

 I ran to the kitchen and return with two cups of hot cappuccino…she took the white coffee mug and sat on the window sill The Day He Lied To Me…hmm…it happened long time ago Karan…very long time ago…I was in Bombay for a business meeting…which was going to change my world…my career, my dreams, my stakes, my life, everything was depending on that meeting…it was a two day trip and in those two days I called your Dadu thousands of time…at every call I asked him how are kids and everything at home…every time he gave me the same reply‘Everything is under control, don’t worry, I am here, you concentrate on your meeting, give your best’

 I reached home after four days…when I came out of the airport, your Dadu (Granpa) was waiting for me…on the way home I kept chattering, your Dadu was very silent which was unlike him…half an hour later I noticed we were on different road…I asked your Dadu where were we going…he stopped the car and took my both hands and squeezed them gently and said ‘Shona, something happened when you were away…and I want you to stay strong and I know you can…Aditya has severe asthma attack and he is in critical condition and I am taking you to the hospital…I know you have many questions, I will answer all of them but let’s get back to the hospital first’ …I felt as if someone had punched me hard in the stomach still I didn’t cry…until the day my company announced the name of their next CEO…Shonali Shanon…

I was standing on the dais…cameras were flashing, people were waiting for their new CEO to say few words…but my eyes were searching the man because of whom my life was about to change…he was nowhere in sight…I got free from all the hush hush after two hours…I needed some alone time, so I walked towards my office…I turned the knob and opened the heavy wooden door of my new office…and he was standing right there with a huge bouquet along with Aditya & Aditi…I stood still for some time lost in his gaze…I had so many questions in my mind…and he was smiling as if answering all my questions & clearing my doubts…

When I didn’t move after few minutes also…he walked slowly and gave me a tight hug…in that moment I allowed myself to melt in his arms…I cried like a baby and like a good companion he hold me firmly…once I was done with my tears he whispered ‘Congratulations Mrs CEO’…I couldn’t help smiling…that was the first time he lied to me…”

“You mean there are more”

“Couple more I guess” she winked

“Karan…if your Dadu wouldn’t have lied to me on the calls…I would have never retired as the CEO…he was always there…he took all the responsibility of house & family…and let me fly high…whatever I achieved in my life it’s just because of your Grandfather…I think that is why Aditya, your Dad also supports your Mom so much…

Karan, supporting a woman never makes you less masculine…in fact a true man will always support her and help her in achieving her dreams…not because she is a woman but she shares same potential & caliber as yours…remember she deserve better than the best…can you become better than the best?…if you ever have someone special in your life…do me a favor…give her wings”



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