In That Moment…

I was sitting at the edge of the terrace, sipping hot coffee…it was the tallest building of the city…the view was scary yet spectacular…I was feeling like the ruler of the world…I waited for that moment like forever…I dreamt about it thousands of time…I never thought  I would live so long to see that day…I picked the brown envelop lying next to me…tore the sealing and took out the book…it was shining like a freshly polished diamond…I flipped through pages…hmmm, the smell of the fresh book was so erotic…and it becomes more erotic when it’s written by you…I looked at it for a long time…like an artist admiring his master piece…well it was my master piece…I ran my hand over the cover page, which was perfect…I looked at the setting sun thinking…my title was right, my tagline was right, my family was right, my love for him was right, my city was right, my god was right…I guess, you, me,  everything, everyone and all was right in the world in that moment…

Love ❤ AARYA

Daily Prompt


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