Thoughts…Life & Coffee…3

‘Mom what are you doing?’ Aryan asked his mom throwing his bag on the sofa

‘I am making chocolate cake for your Dad’

‘Wow…is something special’ he dipped his finger in chocolate sauce and licked it

‘Aaryan don’t you dare touch my cake right now’ his mom scolded

‘Fine but I will lick the empty bowl’

He gave a small peck on her cheek and sat on the counter and asked his mom ‘Mum what’s the one thing that changed your life?’

‘What do you mean? Be specific’

‘I mean…hmm…like this week’s WOW Prompt

‘This week’s what prompt’

WOW Prompt mom…it’s a writing challenge…this week’s topic is ‘A Click that Changed my Life’ …so what’s that one click that changed your life…like forever’

She put the cake inside the preheated oven and sat on the chair in front of him ‘You really want to know what’s the one thing that changed my life’

‘I would love to know it’

‘Oh kay…but you will not interrupt’

‘Done’ he made himself comfortable on the counter, dying to hear the story of his mom

‘Well it was long time ago…I was fresh out of the school…ready to spread my wings and smell the college life…you know your Nani (Granny) is conservative in so many ways’ Aryan nodded religiously…remembering the lecture of her Nani when he bought the Navrtari Pooja Sweets without having a shower…

‘Your Nani never used to let me hang out with my school friends…if I went away downstairs to see off my male friend…she would be like log dekhte hai fir baatein banate hai…she was always worried about what will the society say…and because of her so many restrictions…I drifted apart from her’

‘Really but you guys seem to get along well’

She laughed ‘Well we always shared a difficult relationship, it was more love and hate kind of’

‘Howz it related to the Click for your life’

‘If you will keep on interrupting how will I finish’

‘Sorry Sorry…continue please’

‘hmm…where was I…yeah…we don’t have this advance video talking facilities at that time’

‘Really, then how guys used to communicate’ he asked surprisingly

‘We had YAHOO CHAT…it was the hottest thing in the market’

YAHOO CHAT…never heard of it’

‘Yeah because it happened some 25 years ago’

‘Cool…I will google it’

‘Now…Chatting was like drugs…if you are addicted, it would be next to impossible to get out of it…just like any other human…I got addicted too…I was taking out all my frustration with my Mom in Chatting World…now there were lots of fake people fake identities just like today’s social media…I was 17, I had no clue about good or bad guys…I used to think if I am good everyone else is good too…so I started talking to many people…and got stuck in the storm of Chatting World’

‘Really I always thought you were sincere type’

‘Well we do have our share of mistakes in life, don’t we?’ he nodded

‘So I needed to be rescued…and believe me if I was not rescued on time…I would have been thrown into the dark pit from where there was no way looking back…it was 28th August…I was in the cyber café…I go’

‘A Cyber Café…what’s that?’

‘Cyber Café used to provide internet access to the public’

‘Really why, the whole world has Wi-Fi…every city has Wi-Fi’

‘Yeah…but so many years ago, internet was limited to Cyber Café only’

‘mhmm…it’s getting better and better’

‘Now listen carefully…here comes the interesting part…on 28th August around 4 in the evening…I got a pop up from some id ‘unuonlyu’’ she scribbled the weird id on paper and showed it to her son

‘God knows why but I accepted the request…that person was very nice and sweet…and he was a male, at least that is what he said to me…we had great tuning and chemistry…there was something magical between us…for days, I thought he had weird id…almost six months later I figured out the really meaning of his id…unuonlyuyou and you only you

‘Wow that’s a cool id Mum’

‘Yes it was’

‘What happened next?’

‘Well few weeks of chat later, we decided to talk on the phone…so he called me one day…his voice still lingers in my ears’

‘OMG Mum, your blushing…Dad would faint…he keeps telling everyone…my baby never blush’

‘hahaha…very funny Aryan’

‘So….what did he say?’ he asked while helping his mom with chocolate cake

‘He said ‘I must tell you, till date I was just living, but the moment I heard your voice, I felt my HEART beat’

He whistled ‘He was romantic kinda’

‘Yes he was’

‘What happened after that call?’

‘Nothing much…We started talking regularly…in fact we used to talk for 10 to 12 hours a day…we were always on phone…he bought me a cellphone also…so that I don’t have to spend a single penny…but your Nani caught me red handed’ they giggled for sometime

‘So did you guys ever meet?’

‘Yes we did’

‘How was he?’

‘He was very good looking and sexy… he had amazing fashion sense’

‘Does Dad know about him Mom?’ before she could have said something, he jumped ‘Wait a minute…he was Dad…it’s your love story…this is how you guys met…right’

‘Well…why don’t you Google it?’

‘Hahaha…very funny mom…say na…it’s your love story’

The doorbell rang…he ran and opened the door…his Dad was standing with a bunch of beautiful red roses ‘Thank God you are here Dad…Mom was sharing your love story…I mean she was telling me about this guy she met online years ago…but she is not telling me the name of the guy…is it you…please tell me it’s you’

They went straight to the kitchen…his mom had set the cake on the table…his father walked towards his mom…he gave the bunch of roses to the beautiful lady standing in front of her…she was looking like a goddess in Red Bandhani Chiffon Sari…there was spark in her black kohl eyes…those glass bangles…her red lips along with the same red nail paint…she was all dressed up for him, just the way he likes to see her…he kissed her red lips softy…she smiled ‘You know what Aryan, if I haven’t accepted the request of your Dad that evening…I would been in different world…that one Click changed my life’

She turned and put her arms around him ‘If I haven’t met you…life wouldn’t have been so beautiful…thank you for dragging me out of that hell…thank you for loving me so much…thank you for giving such a wonderful life…I love you Vicky’

‘I love you too Darling’ they kissed more passionately

‘Okay now you guys are embarrassing me’ Aryan made a funny face

‘Yeah if we haven’t been doing this…you would never been born in the first place’

‘Hahaha…very funny Dad’

‘Boys…enough…let’s cut the cake’

‘I will cut the cake’ Aryan came running around the table…

They went to the Balcony with their share of cake…it was raining heavily and the view was amazing from 15th floor…and far far away on the Clock Tower…the date was 28th August 2028

 Love ❤ AARYA

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