Always & Forever Yours…

Hi Dad,

I hope you are keeping a good health and doing well.

It’s being a long time since we spoke. Last time when I visited home, you were out of station, before that you went to Delhi for some training. You think I don’t get it but I know you are avoiding me Dad.

You are avoiding me since two years, why Mom is always picking up the phone…how come you are never at home when I call…I know you are angry…I don’t mind you being angry Dad, I have given you enough reasons to be bitter…stay angry but please don’t avoid me…

I know it is difficult for you to digest that…I am Gay…but your avoidance isn’t going to change the way I am…in fact it’s going to make things more difficult for both of us…your escaping attitude is giving reasons to family and society for gossiping…

It was not your fault Dad…you gave me & Shaurya the best in life…but I was always different…Mom & you always knew it…I have struggled throughout my teens…trying hard to figure out what’s wrong in me…why I am not normal…everyone used to tease me, offend me…I even thought of cutting all chords from life…but I am your son…I couldn’t afford to be a coward…

Dad I am financial stable…working in a reputed company…some of my friends are fine with my lifestyle preference…they have accepted me the way I am…Mom is also fine with my choices…in fact there is someone special in my life…last month when Mom was here in Delhi, she met him too…they get along well together…

I miss our times together…remember once you told me ‘No matter what happens in life Sid, never hide anything from us…we might get angry on you…but we are family and family always stays together’ …till date I remember your words…and that was the reason I came upfront and confessed the truth…

Dad I don’t expect you to understand my choices…but please don’t avoid me…I just want you to accept me…I am your son…whom you taught how to drive…I still remember your proud face on my convocation day…I would give away anything to see that smile on your face…

I am writing this letter because you closed all the doors…my Visa have been approved…I am leaving for UK next month…I was thinking about spending some quality time with you, Mom & Shaurya…

I would be waiting for your response…love you Dad…I miss our long talks…I miss you Dad…

Always & Forever Yours



The phone was buzzing again and again in his pocket…Gaurav, his boss was looking in his direction…he apologized…finally when he couldn’t take it any more…he took it out and checked the caller…to his surprise, the call was from his DAD…he ran outside, dialed the number…he knew Dad had picked up the call on other end…for few seconds both were silent…finally his Dad broke the ice


“Dad” he felt the lump in his throat

“Book the tickets for Andaman & Nicobar…your mother wants to see beach this time”

“Sure Dad” he wanted to say more but his voice was trembling and he knew if he would utter another word…he wouldn’t be able to hold back his tears…he ran back to the meeting and without bothering the presence of others in the room…he told bluntly to Gaurav  “I need off for next fifteen days”

“Finally got a call from Dad Sid” he smiled

“Yes Sir” he was a strong man but in that moment he let go all his emotions which he was holding for years…before he lost his control, Gaurav took him in his arms and gave him a tight hug…he was in desperate need of it…

“Aarya, you saw Sid, he is crying…Why is he crying? Men don’t cry”

“Who said it? That’s a notion created by us…after all men are humans too Niharika…get a life”




7 thoughts on “Always & Forever Yours…”

  1. Siddharth, I admire your courage and honesty. Just be yourself and that’s what matters. What I like is that your love for Dad never diminished and it’s so sad how many parents make the world matters most and not love for the children.
    Arya! I love your last line, Why men cry? A notion created by us.
    Do I need to say more? I rest my case!!

  2. I can’t tell if this really happened. Did it?
    Have you seen the commercial by Vogue Power something? It’s about this boys don’t cry thing. I even blogged about it.

    1. It is inspired from true events…but I edited lots of things 🙂

      I have seen it…and I have read your post too about it…it was really good 🙂

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