A New Year…means A New Beginning…Are you sure???

We are in full festive mode…Christmas is gone…and I had a blast with my friends…I made Wreath from paper & ribbon…for my college function 🙂

There two things which I love about Christmas…first is mouthwatering Plum Cake…I love Plum cake so much I think I can leave Chocolate Cake also for once…another is Santa…we all know it’s a myth…still I love to believe in fantasy that he will come and fill up my sock with loads of happiness and blessings…

New Year is around the corner…and most of us are too excited…for partying hard…drinking hard till we vomit…dancing hard till we are out of breath…laughing hard till tears roll down our face…you guys remember two years ago in December 2012…world was about to end…but I guess we made it…and soon it’s going to be 2015…

Everyone is busy with their New Year Resolution…some of my friends asked me too ‘What’s unique on my resolution list this year?’…I said I don’t know…and their expressions were like she is nuts…did I say something wrong???

I have never believed in making resolutions…so what if it’s a New Year…and who said there has to be a Resolution for every New Year…why do we have to wait for a whole year for a new beginning

If you feel that something needs to be changed in my life or I need to get rid of this awful habit of mine…why to wait for an entire year to end…why we can’t make up our mind and list down the resolutions which are a must for becoming better human …why can’t any day be a new beginning

I don’t remember that I have ever followed any of my New Year Resolution for more than a month…by the end of first week, I start cheating and skipping few resolutions…and by the end of January I will misplace the whole list…

Over the years I understood…you can’t bring change until you are mentally prepared for a change…unless you have decided for sure that you need to stick to the plan…no day, no week, no month, no year, no human can bring change in your life until you want to make a difference…

I know many of you will jot down your New Year Resolutions…but this time make a difference…at the end of your list…add one more resolution: STICK TO RESOLUTIONS

I hope this New Year…finally brings a new beginning for all of you…till next time…

Love ❤ AARYA



5 thoughts on “A New Year…means A New Beginning…Are you sure???”

  1. I’m not much of new year resolution kind of person, mainly because I’m too lazy to follow through things.
    Wish you a happy happy new year Aarya! Hope it be filled with lots of love and joy ❤

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