What happened when my smartphone went missing???

“Shit…already it’s 12, I have to be in Nasik by 6, how much time will it take to reach Nasik Govindbahi?” I asked as I stuffed luggage in the taxi…

“We can reach Nasik by 5 Sir, if we will take Saputara Road, it’s good and scenery is very beautiful”

“Yeah yeah whatever, I don’t give a shit…I want to be in Nasik by 6, got it” he nodded and pumped the car

On the way to Nasik…Govindbhai kept on babbling about the beauty of something something…but I didn’t hear a single word…until our car stopped with jerk…smashing my head hard on the roof…I got down from the car and asked “what happened Govind Bhai?”

“Puncture” he showed me the punctured tire

“Fix it” I ordered while lighting a cigarette

“We don’t have a spare tire, need to find a garage”

“You gotta to be kidding me, seriously I need to be in the Nasik by 5, I have a very important meeting at 6, do you understand that Govind Bhai” I shouted

“I know that Sir, but we don’t have any option, there’s one shop at the exit of Saputara, we can get help from there” he suggested

“Really, and how far is that?”

“Around 5 kms or so”

“No way, Govind  Bhai”

“Look Sir we don’t have option, talking is of no use, I will go and get it fixed… it will take around an hour or so, till then you enjoy the view”

I wanted to kill him then and there…but I knew that would be of no use…I thought of canceling my meeting…as I slipped my hand in the coat…I found there was nothing…I checked other pockets as well and to my horror my smartphone was missing…I rushed back to the car and checked every inch of it…but it was nowhere in sight…I went through my luggage but it was not there too…I realized I lost my precious…

I was sitting on the rock boiling with anger…cursing every possible living and nonliving thing for my lost phone…suddenly I noticed the valley at the other end of the road…I got up and crossed the road…the view of the valley was breath taking…thousand shades of green were splattered on the ground below and the river was in full flow…clouds were looking like a white cushiony fluffy bed…some of them were so tempting that I felt like jumping…

I turned around…two mountains were forming the shape of a shiv ling…might be my imagination…the grass was of luscious green color…and dewdrops were sparkling like diamonds…atmosphere was so calm and serene…there was no noise no pollution…the air was so fresh…rainy season made everything alive and vibrant…I sat on the ground and kept enjoying the view…it took two hours to fix the flat tire…

When Govind Bhai said we can leave…I didn’t want to leave…as I sat in the car I realized what was missing from my life…why my marriage was on toss…why I was so frustrated and depressed…in last few years I didn’t take any break from my life…I was running behind money trying to fix everything…trying hard to get settled in life…I was roaming like maniac…

I got fruits of my hard work also…money, house, car, status, Kriti as a beautiful life partner…but I didn’t get time to enjoy any of this…to appreciate the beauty of what I had…what Kriti did for me…it’s being so I haven’t said how beautiful she looks when she woke up every morning next to me…the delicate curve of her waist is like that mountain…I murmured…

We sat together, we ate together, we slept together…but I was always on phone…talking to some stupid client or boss…or chatting with old buddies or making some useless ppt for next meeting…what the hell was I doing with my life…do I really want all of this…I leaned and said

“Govind Bhai, as soon as you see any PCO, please stop the car…I need to make an urgent call”

“Haanji Sir”

Half an hour drive later, he figured out a PCO…I ran and dialed the number…I was chewing my nails waiting for someone to pick up the phone…on second try she picked up the phone “Kriti”

“Kartik, where the hell are you? And where is your phone?…I am trying to reach you since three hours…are you alright…something happened”

 “Yes I am fine…Kriti, now listen to me” I so wanted to kiss her at that moment

“What Kartik”

“I love you… and I missed you so much”

“Kartik, are you drunk?”

“No I am not…will you pay attention to what I am saying…call your office and inform them you won’t be able to come for next 15 days…and call Asif, my tour agent to book four air tickets for Chandigarh”

“Really for what?”

“We are going for a family holiday…you me and our parents”

“Kartik you have gone crazy or what”

“No do as I say…I will be home by tomorrow…love you”

“Love you but will you tell me what happened…why are you planning holiday all of sudden…you said you can’t take a leave for my cousin’s wedding next week and now ”

“Honey, just do as I say…we have next fifteen days for all these kind of talks…gotta go love…laters”

“Sure thing”

I paid the charges and gave address of the hotel to Govind Bhai…I slouched in the back seat…thinking about Kriti ‘You won’t believe what happened sweet heart, when my smartphone went missing’…and I am glad that it did go missing…


PS…Unedited version…this post is part of this week’s WOW PROMPT


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