SARI…loosing its CHARM…

I presented a paper yesterday and the formal dress code was SARI for women…there was one girl who presented paper after me…of all the speakers present in the room she was one of the best…but right in the middle of her presentation her SARI fell apart…and everyone was shocked because she was quite mature for this kind of scene…

I was sitting with my group…one of my friend Lucky said “This isn’t the first time, when we were working together during internship every other day her SARI used to fell apart”

I couldn’t believe my friend…most of the girls in my college are supposed to wear SARI…during any formal function or class…but no one wants to wear it even for an hour or two…SARI is the traditional dress of India…in fact we can call SARI National Dress of India…still today’s young generation doesn’t know…how to wear SARI

We get impressed by foreign countries…how they respect their culture and tradition…in most of the countries people love to wear their traditional outfits out of respect for their culture…but we Indians are number one in flaunting different kind of clothes from all parts of the world…but we don’t want to wear SARI

It feels so awful…when a foreigner is wearing Indian outfit in a Board Meeting but an Indian girl is flaunting her curves in some western formal wear…

I am not against following fashion…or wearing western clothes…but we should never forget our roots, our traditions…SARI is losing its charm…if as the youth of India we will stop respecting our Indian clothing…how can we generate respect for our culture in the mind of foreigners and future generation…

Why can’t we learn from Japanese…who are known for their amazing fashion and advanced lifestyle…still when it comes to giving respect and tribute to their culture…the youths are never behind…

I hope the mindset and attitude of younger lot changes in India towards our culture…besides even the most expensive gown by Chanel or LV cannot beat the beauty of a SARI…Indian women are curvaceous and SARI gives them an oomph factor…

Nothing brings elegance and class to a woman like a beautiful draped 6 yard SARI

Love ❤ AARYA                              


7 thoughts on “SARI…loosing its CHARM…”

    1. Yes it can…if its not properly tucked inside the piticot…they are beautiul and I am sure you will amazing in Sari…do let us know if you ever wear one 🙂

  1. Saree enhances the elegance of a woman and add charm to her persona. It oozes sensuality and is divine. The Indian woman, in my eyes, looks like a Goddess in saree and supremely beauty. Hope, it does’t lose its sheen:)

    1. I am also keeping my fingers crossed…when I was working it was cimpulsory for girls to wear Sari in any important conference or gathering…even in my college its compulsory…I think thats the only way left to keep it in vogue 🙂

      1. I think sari is a beautiful dress code and works well during official events, cut across generation and religions. I agree with you and, somehow, believe that sari is here to stay. On another note, I’d prefer, any day, Kurta-Pyjama over shirts and during summer, it works for me. The comfort cannot be quantified to shirt:)

  2. Oooooooo, I love saris. I’ve had the privilege to wear a couple of them too. When I was in Calcutta in 2000, my Korean friend gave me a beautiful silk sari as a gift. I still have it today, and love it.
    🙂 ❤

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