Realize the Value…

“It’s being so long…why don’t both of you give a small visit to mom and dad?”

“I know Dee, but your brother is quite busy nowadays, he doesn’t even get time for himself. He can’t take leave even for a day”

“I understand that Shreya, everyone is busy with their life. Nobody has time for anyone; everyone is running like a maniac behind money. But no matter how busy we are, if we truly love someone, we always make time for them, out of our tight schedule. Don’t we Shreya? Anyways choice is yours; I thought a little reminder couldn’t harm you”

“What do you mean Dee? You think your brother and I am lying, you think that we don’t want to spent time with mom and dad” her voice was rising

“Did I say that Shreya?” but Rohini was very calm on other end of the line

“NO you didn’t, but the way you said…implies that” she spitted

“Well if you want to think like that…suit yourself, anyways take care of Rohit and yourself. Will call you some other time”


“Good Bye Shreya”

She left her hanging…thinking hard…why do men change once they get married…why don’t they have time for their own parents…they are ready to spend quality time with their wives parents…but they can’t spare one day out 365 days of the year for their parents…who did everything for them…because of their parents Rohit is so capable…whatever he is wherever he is, it’s just because of Mom & Dad…but he doesn’t want to glance back…he left them as if they are some old piece of furniture, which will destroy the beauty of his life…

Please Rohit…realize the value of your parents & family…before it’s too late…before they walk out of your life…and you are left behind alone…

The doorbell rang & broke the chain of her thoughts…her parents were back from their evening walk…she wiped tears from her dupatta…and went towards the door with a smile on her face…

 Love ❤ AARYA


9 thoughts on “Realize the Value…”

  1. Aarya, men really change when they get married? I see people a lot, and right in front of me like my parents that have been together for 50 plus years and I see these two still laughing every morning after knowing themselves so well. And my mother accepted my father as he is and viceversa, she knew he wasn´t the most cuddly guy or the most family oriented specially when you consider that this is a man that at age 16 asked his mother to sign emancipation papers to go out of the small village and explore the world. I recently started knowing a bit about him. But I do know something even though he will rarely say it, that he loves me and has helped me in times of real hardship.

    I guess that what I´m saying is that family, it´s always good, but family doesn´t mean they are good people or that you have to love them simply because they are family. I have a very extended family and don´t even know one of my cousins, and we are 16 cousins, as an old spanish saying by my grandmother(I´m translating here so bare with me) “Some family far far the better is the jar” Not quite the Spanish version but quite close. You can find love, real love in friends, in people that you are not bonded by blood with them. Family is always good, but is not the “go to” thing for love.

    Just my personal opinion and coming from another country and culture. I think I´m going to drive you nuts, better stick to my comments about my barteing days, don´t get mad…. love ya!

    1. Its always great to know about different cultures…life is different in your part of the world…In India everyone knows their extended families…we live for family and society…but sometimes it becomes suffocating…I cant stand people who are not good…always playing mind games…

      I think I understood the thought…does it mean some family should stay far to keep things normal in life…lemme know if I am right or not…

      We are closely bonded with our extended families…it might sound wierd to you…but thats normal…there are many families in India who have more than 15 members under one roof…imgaine the chaos…

      Never stop yourself from sharing your views…they kinda enlighten me…love ya 🙂

  2. But how can they change after marriage?I don’t agree with this. Marriage is not the cause. Its the human mentality which differs from person to person.

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