What Would You Prefer?…Fake Relations or Being Alone…

Why people want to drag those relations which have tortured them to death?

Why people can’t accept the fact that opposite person doesn’t want them in their life?

Why can’t they cut them out of their life?

Why society and family pushes you to carry on fake relations?

Why can’t they let you move on?

I am so fed up of maintaining fake relationships with other…I don’t want to…in fact I cannot keep relations with those who made my life living hell…who made sure that I live life like an insect…quenching for every drop of water, food and love…who made sure that I never see sunshine again…why shall I stay in touch with them?

My family expects from me to carry on relations with those jerks…they say “I should, they are family and you live in a society, even if they made your life hell, you should because they are family” …Really how could they forget those days when I was suffering in pain because of them…how could they forget those days when they were making my life living hell…family supports and loves each other in thick and thin…family doesn’t stab you on back…

You might carry on life with those monsters…but I can’t…I love myself…I love my life…I can’t pretend to be someone else…even for few minutes…or for you…or  for your society…or for anyone else…I can’t live the life of hypocrisy…

I have lived life on my terms…I have lived for my happiness…you think that I am selfish…fine I am selfish…and I am proud of it too…

Instead of surrounded by evil and monstrous people…I would prefer to be alone…for rest of my life…

I am alone and happy…



16 thoughts on “What Would You Prefer?…Fake Relations or Being Alone…”

    1. I think we can call it dysfunctional too…people just pretend they are supporting but behind the big head of theirs…they are laying out new mind games…thanks for sharing your thoughts Ron…I learnt about dysfunctional relations 🙂

  1. U know Aarya. Mom is like that only and, at times, I am tired of this whole natak. It’s such hypocrisy and so wanna shut myself, even if they family. But, I’ve started to sort out people.
    I am sure with time, we shall be ourselves..removing the ones we are not comfy with.

    1. See you got me…mom’s really make it difficult…but I have already started sorting out people…I can’t take it anymore…it hurts…you know what I mean

  2. Hmmmmm, that must be difficult. Having to befriend someone that you really don’t relate too. Are you talking about the specific person being fake, or you having to be fake in order to uphold the standards of society and family?

    1. I am talking about being fake just for the sake of society and relationships which are worth nothing…in India people live for relations and society…and sometimes you have to tolerate people who are so full of shit that even a sight of theirs can ruin your life…

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