VEDA…ME & Exam Fever…

Well another incident from our crazy life…actually it’s glimpse of a conversation that happened between Veda & Me two days ago on Whtsapp…ENJOY…

VEDA: Oye…why are you online? You have your exams naa…

AARYA: I am rolling polling on my bed…up_lateI am so fed up of this philosophy and psychology 

VEDA: hehehe…I had exam yesterday and I have one next week

AARYA: Please yaar…meri exam bhi de de (will you give my exam too)

VEDA: umm…I am sick of exams…I know stuff what the hell they wanna check?

AARYA: Seriously yaar…how will I read so much?

 VEDA: Hahaha 😀 …here they design paper in such a way that we get less than 4 mins to solve every problem…are you kidding me or what…

AARYA: My target is only 60 plus…I can’t cram so much…depositphotos_14000261-Cartoon-Boy-Cramming-for-a-TestI am from CBSE board we have habit of writing point to point answers…and these uni professors wants us to write a 5-7 pages answer of every question…

VEDA: Lol…really

AARYA: Yeah man…and then they say Soumaya ka paper dekho…she has written it so well…Obviously she is an arts student…she is vomiting in every exam since the age of 3…

VEDA: HAHAHA…you are so pissed

AARYA: I am…I wish I could be six again so I could have given Oral Exam

VEDA: hehehe…AARYA…

AARYA: No no…I am serious…why don’t we have Oral Exams??? …25484-clip-art-graphic-of-a-tree-character-with-welcoming-open-arms-by-toons4biz (1)see we can save paper and save trees too 😀

VEDA: you are hilarious… XD

AARYA: you know I would be the University Topper…if they conduct only Oral Exams…

VEDA: I know you know everything…its just you don’t like writing 🙂

AARYA: Why don’t you become education minister and change the pattern

VEDA: Well I would never conduct any exams instead I will give projects and assignment and ask all the students to give presentation in the end…involving all the aspects they have learned so far 🙂

AARYA: Cool…can-stock-photo_csp6961033then also I will be a University Topper 😀

VEDA: hahaha…who is going to remember all this crap after one year…no one…then why to waste time and energy

AARYA: But who will explain it too professors

VEDA: true…Aarya


VEDA: go back to your studies…

AARYA: Nooo…

VEDA: yes bye

AARYA: No…okay…bye :p

I don’t want to study…AARYA

PS…This post is part of this week’s WOW PROMPT





9 thoughts on “VEDA…ME & Exam Fever…”

  1. A WoW post. Reminds me of exam times when the pals would study together and the only good thing bout strengthen the bond between mates. I got awesome memories, plan to study for exams on Saturday and end up having beer cum vodka:)

      1. Depending on how you pay me I´ll be in India in about 9 hours if the price is right to take the exams for you.

        So you´re on the left…´re a hottie, weeeeeha! 😉

      2. noo, don´t tease me that you are a hottie.

        By the way the plane is landing in Mumbai in about 15 minutes the pilot says. See you soon, hottie!!! 😉 there goes a freaky yellow face, almost forgot, a girl taught me how to do this………. ❤ (should show a heart in the other end if I did this correctly, don´t think I would screw up something that simple)

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