Yesterday I was sitting on the edge of my window…the sky was painted in orange hue…I was enjoying the setting sun…thinking that one day I will set forever like this sun…of course I have a long way to go…but that day will come for sure…

Ten years ago…I was a reckless and immature girl…I was lost…flying in every possible direction…and today I am a different person…I am more focused & confident…my attitude has changed…I have wings but today I know my direction and my destiny…

I still can’t believe so much time flew away…it feels like yesterday when I was a total nutcase…I know in the next ten years…I will learn more…I will grow more mentally and may be physically too…I would be a different person from what I am today…I would be more wiser and wicked 😀 …might have found a new destiny too…but…I would definitely be sitting on the edge of my window…sipping a hot coffee…enjoying the setting sun…thinking about the next ten years of my life…

Till then I will live in the moment…and learn something more about you & me…about love & life…about something & nothing…because LEARNING NEVER ENDS…



11 thoughts on “LEARNING NEVER ENDS”

  1. Hey Aarya! So true, we keep learning every single day and me too, during the last ten yeas, I changed a lot for better, from a reckless and carefree person to a bit serious. Yeah, I’m still a child inside. Absolutely love this post and, of course, the profile pic. It looks like a mysterious dream:)

  2. Everyone feels the same I assure you. I mean, my heart has been broken so many time I really feel like slapping myself at the stupid mistakes I have committed so many times!

    Love your honest approach to life. It takes a brave woman to admit the mistakes we make in our life 🙂

    1. At present you feel like sleeping…over the years you will nurture those days as a great experience ; )
      Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts too 🙂

  3. I love this one Aarya. Just such a wonderful reflection. After 40 years of life, I’ve learned that too. The need to live in the moment. To savor them. To learn from them. To grow from them. Life is truly a school. We are constantly learning.

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