The Winter Is Coming…

They were standing at the edge of the mountain…river was rustling below them…making it chillier and windier with every passing hour…

“The winter is coming” he said putting a shawl around her delicate body…

“mhmm…only few days are left”

“Yeah…lots of things will change…for you and me”

She  said squeezing his hands “Raj are you sure…you want to marry me…you know what will the world say…our marriage will bring lots of problems and we might have to face severe consequences…you still have time Raj…think about it”

“I already gave it a lot of thought Soumya…and I am not going to change my decision”

“Are you sure…I am a rape victim Raj…you might forget that…but this world, this society, our families will never let you forget it…we love each other…but love cannot solve the practical problems of life”

“I know it’s not going to be easy…but someone need to break the rules set by this Taboo Society”

“Raj…bu” he covered her mouth with his hand…he looked in her eyes for a long time…his eyes were making love to her softly…he whispered “I know what happened that night was terrible…but if we would have been married…I should have left you just because someone raped you…No instead I should have supported you and fought for you…look into my eyes…it was never your fault…I would have stood by you even if we were married…I love you and I made a promise to myself the day we decided to get married…under any circumstances I will stay with you…I will take care of you…I will stand by you…and I am sure that if you were at my place you would also take the same decision…you would have always supported me…so Miss Soumya Dixit Will you marry me?”

She smiled with teary eyes and said “Yes”

They started walking back to their car…the sky, the river, the trees; sweet smell which lingers in the air…every inch of the nature was saying ‘The Winter Is Coming’….


PS…This post is part of this week’s WOW Prompt


9 thoughts on “The Winter Is Coming…”

  1. Sensitive and powerful post. You’ve poured emotions, love and heart in this awe inspiring one. Hope many more men take a cue and love shouldn’t be deleted with hypocrisy. Time to change our orthodox mindset and prejudices.

    1. Thanks Vishal…there are many women who have been sexually exploited but they never share it with their partners because of the fear of loosing them…we really need to break these orthodox traditions…dont marry a divorcee or a widow or a victim…am actually sick of this mentally

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