A Train To DELHI…

“Is it your bag?” I asked politely

“Yes” she said

“Do you mind if I push it inside?”

“No…you can, I have everything in my backpack here” she smiled

“Alright…thanks” I adjusted my two big size suitcases beneath my berth

I sat comfortably and started reading Eleven Minutes…actually I was rereading it…both of us sat in silence for four hour…around evening she broke the ice and asked “Are you visiting Delhi or you live there?”

“No I am visiting my relatives and you?”

“I am going for a conference…I usually prefer flights but this time all flights to Delhi were jam packed”

“I understand…well it’s a one night journey so doesn’t make any difference to me…secondly I always have too much luggage so can’t help it” I smiled…I really do have very bad habit of carrying too much luggage well that’s what everyone says in my family…

We talked for hours until the Attendant arrived with our food… I usually don’t like to talk to strangers whenever I am traveling alone…but something was different about this girl…she had a magnetic personality…we talked about everything under the sky…from coffee flavors to share market…and with every passing minute I felt that I knew her from somewhere…may be from another life…may be a long lost friend…

She was tall and beautifully curved at the right places…her features were sharp and defined…there was something odd about here big hazel eyes…they were the center of attraction of her personality…you couldn’t take your eyes off her eyes…they were hypnotic…after talking to her for four hours I realized that she was a woman of substance and had a great command over her communication…

I also learnt that she was not happy in her marriage…she fell in love with her husband six years ago…and two years of dating later they got married…but Rohan, her husband changed…he was a different person before marriage and after marriage he started taking her for granted…he started ignoring her…for Rohan she is just another trophy in his long list of trophies…

She confessed that she met someone two years ago…she fell in love with him…but he is an American and their relation is long distance…but he understands her the way she had expected from Rohan…she said “I know he is the one…I know he is the soul mate I was longing for…with Rohan we are always in the dream world of his money and poweryou know what if money can buy you happiness…I would be the most happiest woman in the world”

Her last line left an impression on my mind…It was late…and everyone in our compartment was slept…we were the only two aliens chatting and gossiping…suddenly she said “I am a Business Analyst”

“Well I am a lecturer by profession and a writer by heart” I said hesitantly…I usually don’t like to confess that I am a writer…her reaction made me jump out of my seat…

“OMG you are a writer…WOW…I love writing I mean writers…I have never met anyone before…what do you write about…do you write for some magazine or you have column in some newspaper?”

Honestly I was not expecting this kind of reaction from her “Well I always wanted to write for a magazine but never took the pain of sending my work to any editor”

“Oh…so you don’t publish your work” she raised her one eyebrow

“No I do…I have a blog where I publish my writing”

“A blog…where on wordpress or blogger or tumblr”

To my surprise she was aware about blogging world…I haven’t seen any stranger who is not into writing knows about the blogging world “With Word Press…why”

“Oh…great…what’s your blog address?”


“Okay…I will check it out for sure” she climbed to her seat which was above me

“I would be waiting for your response…good night”

“Night Night, sleep tight”

It was dark outside but moon light was making out the silhouette of every passing thing…I was thinking about her life…her husband her boyfriend and I never knew when I fell asleep …

Next morning we woke up early…as our train was about to reach Delhi…we both were enjoying our breakfast…lost in our thoughts…I said goodbye to her and wished loads of luck for her life and dragged my luggage near the gate as my station was about to come…few minutes later we reached the destination…with the help of a fellow passenger I unloaded the luggage from the train…I was about to call a coolie but something hit me hard…I ran back to my seat and asked her

“Are you Suhana?”

“Yes…but how do you know my name?”

“You have blog on wordpress ‘my life my love’”

“Yes…but how do yo…”

Before she could have finished…I rushed to the platform as the train had started moving…she called after me “Who are you?”

I laughed at her question “Go Figure It Out”

Till date I remember her expressions…she was so lost by my questioning…while walking out of the station it clicked me why I was having this strange feeling that I knew her…actually she was a blogger friend…whom I was following since few months…she used to share about her life and kinda mess she has created for herself…

After that meeting I never saw her on Word Press…I don’t know what happened to her or in her life…but it was really very strange meeting someone with whom you have always interacted virtually…she was a great friend and an inspiring person too…I don’t know where is she or what is she doing but I am sure she will find her way out of it…after all she was…oops…she is the woman of substance…

Love ❤ AARYA

PS…It is purely a fiction work



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